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Because i like him And then jason. Who was the guy that went on. That one on one with clare like they wrote the letters the younger cells he decides. He's still hung up on clear he was in love with her and he can't get over it so he sends himself home in tastes. Like oh i've been having so much fun. I didn't really stopped. Think that like. I could be somebody like sloppy seconds. I don't want to be a second choice Which i get but also patients like very awesome to go back to the losers though they said the losers go back to the rooms but there was shot and they were all there. Did you pick up on that. No i didn't. Yeah sorry i also forgot the whole lunch meat thing. Oh you can. We skip it. What is it right like they kind of at a cocktail party. They confront spencer about coming off as a smurfs and riley's like i got a name for guys like you your lunch me like up with not a lot and i had a frie- baloney sandwich every day. That's you your lunch. Meat mean. I have to do with him growing up with not a lot. Why bring that up. I don't know if he's sitting lung. Is that many loves him. I don cheapen born. Oh boy we have here. We have a young boy. Say travis give you three dollars and you can't hear him saying he needed me favor. Can you say katie. owen. K on travis rock. Hold so worth it travis. You've got even three years. Golly dull be myrtle now. Bring myrtle to bring. Myrtle appears he. And baldwin okay. You want me to bring dan and myrtle to your house okay. I'll i can do that. I'll ask them and will come over. Will you eat green beans if we do. You gotta say yes. It's an audio medium. yes yes okay. If that's a promise that you'll eat your green beans than i can bring over dan and myrtle. Do you want to show them your project..

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