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Oklahoma City. Police are looking for a missing woman feared dead. I'm Beth Myers. The and the NewsRadio one thousand Katie, okay? New center where you get traffic and weather together, mornings and afternoons, George northbound thirty five at nineteenth and more eastbound to forty Santa Fe road, total traffic later today. It's going to get called a low in the mid fifty s and we have a good chance overnight and into early on Wednesday, Oklahoma City police have arrested a man driving a missing woman's car who also had her driver's license, her debit cards and money that was taken out of her account. Now, it's believed that David shores was living with fifty two year old Susan freehoff, her employer reported her missing. Now, the Oklahoma is reporting that when police went to their apartment Monday in southwest, Oklahoma City, they found large blood stains on the carpet and blood splatter on the wall, the bathtub and a clothes washer shores initially said that freehoff was hospitalized in Tulsa. But as of yet, she has not been located the Oklahoma City. Council today approved lowering the fine for marijuana possession from a maximum of twelve hundred dollars and up to six months in jail to up to four hundred dollars with no jail time. Oklahoma City police chief Bill city says he wouldn't be in favor of dropping it anymore. It's federally illegal substance of state lost illegal illegal substance, and nothing we should we should also sit a serious drug for basically for our children's sake. I like the abuse there for for our kids in the message. We send is highly highly important that our leaderships in that message council also voted today to lower the fine for drug paraphernalia from the proposed two hundred dollars to just fifty dollars. Also, if you do have a medical marijuana license, and you don't have it on you when you were stopped. You can still be cited. The state supreme court says the Oklahoma ethics commission must follow the same budgetary process as every other state agency the court on Monday rejected the Commission's claim. That the legislature is trying to starve the agency of funding and render it ineffective and remembering and Oklahoma trail blazer. Here's Katie okays, Calvin right, Oklahoma television pioneer. Pam Henry has passed away. She contracted polio. Was a toddler age eight she became the last national poster child for the March of dimes polio campaign. So I got used to the media. And I liked the media. That's what she told news four and two thousand fifteen Henry later became Oklahoma city's first woman television reporter when she joined w k y TV in hundred ninety two Henry also a member of the Oklahoma journalism hall of fame and an advocate for disabled. Oklahoma's Pam Henry died earlier today, she was sixty eight and finally the parent company of RB's is buying Oklahoma City based sonic for a whopping two point three billion dollars. Inspire. Brands says sonic will operate as a separate business unit. It will stay. Based in Oklahoma City its management team will also stay in place, sonic has about thirty six hundred restaurants in the United States and the first sonic opened in Oklahoma in nineteen fifty.

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