Dr Yusef, Donald Trump, Chuck Todd discussed on Hugh Hewitt


Back and forth. Going back to the beltway next week in time for Easter at my my wonderful churches in Virginia, not in California. But had to come out of your finish up taxes have meetings at the Nixon library, and generally supervised generally Shema who's been wandering around discombobulated since John bolt was on yesterday laughing because we've actually never heard John Bolton laugh on the show as hard as he laughed and they have to play that for Chuck Todd coming up next hour in this hour. Pastor Michael Yussef is really one of the most remarkable guys. I've known for a long long time might Lanta friends will be listening very closely for Dr Yusef you've got a brand new book out as well. But he is just an amazing guy. The third jihad is is new book, and he just a wonderful gotta talk. He's coming up, Jim talent. And I will be talking about the department of defense. And Andrew Marshall. I think when he comes on because of the Wall Street Journal's testimony to him yesterday in the third hour Howard Schultz candidate for president maybe joins me along with of course, Chuck Todd if it's Sunday, it's meet the press we had a lot of fun on Sunday with mayor Pete boot at Ag as his guest, and we'll talk about that as well yesterday. Donald Trump congratulated Benjamin Netanyahu. You just heard Dr Michael Oren who I think ought to be Israel's ambassador to the UN to carry the flag the blue and white flag in the toughest place diplomatically for Israel in the world. Turtle pay Donald Trump was on his way to the helicopter when he congratulated Benjamin Netanyahu want you to hear that cut number three. So we're.

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