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Different looking CBJ team this year with Sergei Bobrovsky are semi Pinera leaving in free agency but coach John Tortorella confident about this group I feel really good about a I think the most important thing for us is we start the season and even if we have a bumper to along the way early in the season we cannot lose our arrogance jackets and Toronto seven o'clock tonight on Fox Sports Ohio by the way Bob in his first game with Florida loss last night five to two Tampa pioneering had a goal and an assist in his debut with the Rangers who beat Winnipeg football Buckeyes gearing up for tomorrow night's game against Michigan state Ohio state hoping to stay on a roll and coach Ryan day sensing some special chemistry all on and off the field if you want a great team you know there has to be that that respect for each other that love for each other and love from from player to player and then player to coach and I think that's the ultimate motivator and I do feel that so I really hope that the leaders of this group don't know like all that they grab one real tight the lego box guys and Michigan state seven thirty tomorrow night on a BC six our best Buckeye coverage live from the ozone tomorrow starts at four o'clock we are also with you after the game Ryan days comments analysis and much much more NFL last night a thriller Seattle beating the rams thirty to twenty nine Ellie kicker Greg's or wind missing what would have been a game winning forty four yard field goal in the final seconds baseball playoffs Saint Louis over Atlanta seventy six Dodger shut out Washington six nothing in game one of those theories the two AL division series Tampa at Houston Minnesota is in the.

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