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Dwell so therefore he's not a minor. Appeared in. Court is attorney requested he. Be released. On bail with an ankle monitor next sentence important though the judge. Denied. The request twelve has been behind bars since he was arrested, by Clovis police back on June fourth now is attorney plans, to utilize assembly, Bill eighteen ten to get him out It's a new law we reported on a. Few weeks ago oh. By the way this is. Coming from a call your central valley dot com and what crime did he commit. Threatening to shoot up the graduation oh so not, not a big deal or anything Well we didn't actually having to, shoot it out threatening to shoot it up, yeah, and often that's just one step, before actually shooting it up yes his attorney is Mark Coleman we filed a motion for. Diversion based upon mental health reasons which is now available as of. About three weeks ago the prosecutor for Fresno county DA's office says well I'm most concerned about public, safety but, they will provide a mental health expert to reexamine dwell before a ruling is made so you can see attorneys are starting, to tap into this fact someone else sent us an attorney down in San Diego who's holding a big open house on Wednesday. September fifth at the San Diego law library. To allow everybody to. Come in and find about find out. About, assembly Bill eighteen, ten the new pretrial diversion program, that is discretionary for defendant. Charged with a misdemeanor or felony and who suffers from a mental? Disorder, the played a significant part in charge defense Explain how the new law works really what the, person's doing, is looking for business oh it's Wednesday at noon at the San Diego all library Wednesday September September fifth and it's Eric, against is he has a exclusive practicing defense with a focus on science and trial work he was awarded the lawyer scientists designation. Many American Chemical Society chemistry and law section So, Eric, he's holding an open forum at the San Diego law library next week and he will tell you how. He could get you off on drunk, driving because alcoholism is, considered a mental disorder Jay So so they can run over your. Child you put it. Out it doesn't take much of a stretch for all crimes to be considered mental. Disorder Oh no any any attorney can play this game what we. Need is like the judge. In, the kid that was. Threatened to, shoot. Up the school we need a judge. To say not taking that right now now we'll talk about later I. I've gotta read this. Oh yeah right fresh released from California women's Law Center it's actually an open letter And I need someone to explain this to me you. Don't have to do it. On, the air Email us. I send, it. By carrier pigeon just somebody explain what's. Going on in the world Because. This is an open letter to the chairman of. The Senate budget committee or woman Holly Mitchell Senate and then. Phil ting chair of the, assembly, budget committee and it's from a woman Betsy Butler And is from California women's, Law Center and deer chair, Mitchell enchanting On behalf of, the California, women's. Law Center we write in support of assembly Bill eighteen, ten really I thought they'd. Be concerned about the diversion for rape that's that's what I'm wondering then it goes on to explain how the Bill. Works, by the way she used. To be in the state assembly yes she wasn't assemblywoman Betsy Butler we urge you not to revise eighteen ten in. Any way that would limit access to diversion for mentally ill defendants we specifically opposed changes that would allow counties to opt out of the program And put their own limits on who is eligible We also oppose any implementation of the program that imposes a. Criminal conviction for people who successfully complete treatment, doing so what undermined the intent of the program a guy, that's a compromise offered like you go to diversion but. You're still listed as being convicted of the crime and, then she writes that the California women's Law Center its mission is to advance the potential of, women and girls through transformative litigation policy advocacy education So it's Betsy Butler who I'm gonna assume as a. Woman forgive me if I've making assumptions here on people, enter pictures all right the board president is lowest Thompson from pro scour rose LLP, another woman Board vice president is mirror, el-sonbati FOX. Entertainment group Members Stacey Armato. Atlantic investors Krista democrat From the wonderful. Company just picking out the, women here Lisa Gilford scadden, Arp slate Meagher and Flom law firm. Genie Harrison, from genie Harrison law firm Diana. Hughes light in from Winston and strong Bethany Kristovich. Another, law, firm at amid menagian, easy mermelstein, Kim. Knock Amaro Pamela Palmer Amy court Sorolla they're. All women here and they're all? Lawyers why do all these female wires and it sounds like. They're feminist lawyers based on this? Organization why would they, want rape Practically legalized we're all male rapists. K get off and not be? Convicted and they say specifically they don't want any convictions no. Trial and no prison term I'm at odds I am at a loss here I, don't understand because I think we all saw all. The, metoo stuff. We. All saw the pussy hats marches and a lot, of it was over Trump bed his Hollywood. Access tapes and the. Harvey Weinstein scandals yeah you're right okay, so this is far, far far worse than Weinstein. Having a casting couch and Trump Make it a run at models, and actresses this this exempts all the rapists from. Ever, going to. Prison. And they specifically don't want a conviction on the, record now I don't understand this I just don't I guess overwhelmingly they'd just rather see people not in prison jail we got more coming up John and. Ken KFI Debra Mark has governor Brown signed a Bill to let people get out of jail without having to pay bail having to post bond. Will be replaced with a risk assessment system each county will use. Framework created by the state's judicial council as a. Basis to set its own procedures for deciding whom to release before trial those facing serious violent felonies will not be eligible for pretrial release the law takes effect in October of next, year a high school district in San Bernardino county has agreed to pay nearly sixteen million. Dollars to settle lawsuits by, eight former students who say they were sexually abused. At Redlands high school a former special Ed teacher pleaded guilty to abusing students and served thirteen months in jail the lawsuit naming the teacher claims administrators at the school district new for years he was a danger. To, students and did nothing At least three people have been hurt in. Multi car crash in Westchester that happened at the. End, of a police pursuit this woman tells NBC four the truck that hit her car came out of nowhere I just saw a bunch of police officers speeding down this way. So I didn't really know what happened and so a little bit later five vehicles including the pickup police say was stolen from Bakersfield were involved. In the crash at Lincoln and Manchester two people were arrested cops. Say the people could possibly be involved in a. Stolen bicycle ring because several bikes were in the back of the pickup truck Riverside County sheriff's investigators have found a dog who disappeared from who Rupa valley two years ago the officials, found Sadie the great Dane last week while looking for a stolen John Deere Sadie was. Chained to a large concrete-block, Michaela Ferron says her daughter got the surprise for. Life that our fifth birthday party over the weekend Every shooting Dr revert they listen There's a, reason they, say like a child the girls dad's society recognized him immediately even after two, years traffic.

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