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That? Okay. I'm sure that chip carry on the way home realized that what he said made no sense at all. Because there are a million guys, not a million. Maybe. But there are a ton of guys who played the major league baseball whose last name I did it X like Greg Maddux and Mike Maddux, Sandy Colfax. There's Wilcox there, Steve Sax. There's Knicks. There's Gavin Lux. There's Nellie Fox. There's a lot of guys whose last name ended X. He's not the only major leaguer in baseball history that And with the letter X That was, uh, that was interesting from a chip Carey and yes, he was. You know what he's still doing games still doing games for? You know, the the Braves. And that's great. I catch a game every once in a while because you've got the extra innings package and you hear Chip Carey doing a game, But I'll be interested to see what he's got to come back and talk about that because he is so far off on that one. Let's go to well Matt and Steve Steve. What's up? Hey, for I love the show. Thank you. You're welcome. Jeff. Joanie at combat. Those games is often love, watching or listening to him, which I wish we could get him on. You know, regular air so we can hear them while watching the game. Yeah, you got if you want to do it, you've got to just sync up your TV with the radio and somehow do it. I do it. I do it during the football season like I've known Jeff since he got out of college, and he's great. There's nobody that works as hard as him. Once the season starts. You can't call him because he's like so into everything is doing his preparation and everything else and, Yeah, it's the most. It's so important to him besides it. Besides his two daughters, it's the most important thing to him. That's awesome. Thanks for taking my call. Fred. You're welcome, Steve. Yes, Jeff is a great guy. I've known what you said. He got out of Iowa State, and he came and worked with us a sports phone. And so I'm no Jeff forever and he worked very, very hard. And I give him some constructive criticism. Sometimes that I don't that he doesn't call me for a while. I don't know. I don't know why I never understood that. Uh, let's go to Woodstock and Mike. Mike, you're on ESPN. 1001 of my favorite ones is Joe McConnell. And he is the bears. Yep. A lot. A lot of people love McConnell. He was so it was funny because his broadcast was like so matter of fact, Lee, but he always got you. Everything got you all the details all the information he called when, when Peyton went over and set the rushing record and everything some great great stuff. They had great announcers with him. And he also he also did White Sox baseball too. Yes, he did. Yes, he did Remember that there are so many of them. Mike Appreciate the call. So many of these great announcers here in Chicago and it was cool listening to your opinions on some of these great announcers in your favorite announcers, everybody, You know, we're all ages. When we listen to sports radio here we've got we've got the young guys. We had a guy the other day, so it was like 20. He's listening. And then we've got the guys like, you know, uh, Ride the South side. You know, 57 years are born in 57 the same age as me at 64. So, yeah. You got all different kinds. We've listened to so many different people. Phil Rosenthal's leaving the Tribune and a lot of people, the tribunal leaving taking buyouts or whatever. He wrote an article today The headline is rare Flooding moment. Huge mistake doesn't take away too much from historic no hitter call of the Cubs. So I'm gonna I'm gonna mention it because it's written down here. I'm going to mention how the call went. Okay. Cubs fans are standing at Dodger Stadium. Kimbrel always look composed. The batter is AJ Pollock Pollock over three right handed hitting outfielder. In fact. Now even Dodgers fans start to stand. Kimbrel's pitched apologize swing and a miss of vanishing slider that ended up down near the ankles. Kimbrel bends over at the waist. Right elbow sticking out to the side and an old one pitch to Pollock Strike two called the Dodgers now down to their last strike Dodgers without a hit to down bottom of the ninth inning, Kimbrel is ready and the 02 swinging them as the Cubs have done it a combined no hitter for the first time in the long legendary history of the Chicago Cubs. That's the way the broadcast sounded on radio, Okay, and then Phil Rosenthal points out. The problem was it wasn't Pollock, whom Kimbrel struck out on the three pitches. Here's what happened. Paula came out of the game in the top of the eighth inning, replaced in left field. By Steven Souza. When the Dodgers relieved Garrett Clevant, your substituted for Phil Bickford. So Souza led off the bottom of the eighth with Kleven. You're set to bat with two down and went out in the ninth. Smith pinch hit in Pollock spot And Pat Hughes ever. The professional said no excuses. I thought it was a J. Pollock. It was will Smith. You're right. I do. Try to take pride on getting everything is precise and correct as they possibly can. But I was joking to myself saying, Boy, That's how good Kimbrel stuff was. He even fan me. So Announcer's make mistakes, and it's even worse when you're not at the ballpark, and it's easy in baseball. When you're making switches, double switches. All of a sudden, there's a guy coming to play in the ninth inning. It was somebody else. There's someone pinch hitting. You may have missed it with all the excitement building. And But the nice part is For decades, people will hear Pat Hughes call, and he did not mention it at the last pitch. He did not mention who the batter was. He just mentioned what happened. So when we talk about favorite radio Baseball announcers. Pat Hughes is definitely on my list because I've loved for the longest time listening, uh, to him, do the games and yes, we are the home of white sax baseball. But we also talk white socks and cubs all the time. So I'm not in front of a TV and the whites action not playing like last night when I'm leaving. Soldier Field and the Chicago Fire game. I'm listening to their call, and I heard I heard Cody Bollinger go deep. That's how the game ended. We come back. We've got some. I'll talk about what happened and how I lost money yesterday, even though what I picked came true. We'll explain that. Take your calls. 3123323776 white sax baseball today. Here on ESPN. They're going to finish up the suspended game, then play the regularly scheduled game. We've got all the action for you, beginning with a pre game at 12 30 here on ESPN with houses and don't forget you can also hear.

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