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The state budget that includes an $80 billion dollar surplus. It also has stimulus checks of $600 for two thirds. Of Californians qualified families with Children will get an additional $500 governor. Newsom says California is outperforming all other states and key economic measures. No state in America. Is creating more jobs in the state of California. No state in America has a faster growing GDP than the state of California. No state in America is growing factory jobs, manufacturing jobs like the state of California. The budget also includes economic aid for residents who couldn't afford rent or utility payments during the pandemic, and there's $4 billion in grants for small business owners. New development Today. In the case of Christian Smart, she vanished, walking home to her dorm at Cal Poly in 1996. In April of this year, A man named Paul Flores was arrested for her murder. Today, prosecutors added rape charges against him, They say it's an attempt to show Flores has a history of sexual violence against women. A court in Italy defending its conviction of two Bay Area men for the 2019 murder of an Italian plainclothes police officer on the street in Rome. The court gave written motivation for its convictions in May and life sentences for 21 year old Finnegan, Lee elder and 20 year old Gabriel Natalia Hjorth. Italian courts must formally detail in writing why they decide on verdicts and punishment, with their rationale, forming the basis of eventual appeals by the defense or prosecutors. Document rebuffs defense arguments that the Americans didn't know the man stabbed to death was a police officer. We'll take a look at traffic around the Bay Area. Heather's Le isolated a problem in Silicon Valley, her report sponsored by Staples Stores. What.

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