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You know you think about how much time out there crazy shit's going to happen. If you're in the woods lot, there's well the Wolverine. Yes, one in a billion chance for that to happen I mean. That's literally, but the more you're out there. Shit's going to half Jordan story about the Wolverine Steel and his his moves fat was Hilarious I. Know He had to one up me I was giving him shit about that right like the only guys in history to shoot another reeker and he basically killed on the hatchet. I'm like you son of a bitch. He's couldn't eat it. Though so it was disgusting. Yeah, it's I had a lot of people you asked me to a lot of people. Ask Me and I was like yeah. I'm not eating that folkerts nasty but they're. Talking like with that with. You know coyotes and stuff. I think we're La Coyote. Yes, him and remmy warrant. They cooked coyote data, and it didn't seem that bad seemed edible. It's not for me. I don't think you're starving. Starving Yeah Oh. Yeah I was just saying. I've eaten Marmot on purpose, Marmot tastes good, you don't want the old. Ones are not so good. It's like a rodent right. Yeah, yeah, those states pretty we call it. Rocky mountain fishing chips catch cutthroat and Brook Trout need. They're really that good. No none of that good but I've had never. COOKED UP E. It wasn't a tail. It was the hindquarters. Oh no kin he's! He cooked it. It was like a beef stew. He braised it, and then slow cooked it on a Crock Pot. It was actually very good like we were stunned. Was it was quite delicious? Yeah, I've had beaver, but detail more than anything. Tell them weird, right. which is in states, very fatty is what it is like a fat sandwich. Yeah, I mean I get the idea of. The eat what you kill or whatever but I also get the idea that wolverines eat the shit out of slope. They'll clear base in a mountain, goats and sheep out in a minute. Did you hear the whole story that? fucker bit the half on the third Arrow in charge me after biting in half Jesus, Christ. Pretty! It was cool, so wild little animal man near the Badger family. You Know Honey Badger. Don't give a fuck a pretty famous. You know. Many memes I gotTa Honey Badger. Don't give shit off his crazy wild little animal to just the way it looks doesn't even look like a real thing. Yeah! What was crazy because they were fighting when we saw them, and so we stopped down on them I was like feared. We're thirty yards away and all of a sudden we. Jesus Christ, they're fourteen yards away. Yeah, I've seen them chase off wolves from from kills. It's crazy, seen them and video. At least it's a wild little animal. It's just so funny. How something so small can be so ferocious Louis that fucker looking face, and I thought it six yards on my third era. That's a honey badger. Ovaries real similar. Just just any kind of Badger so sits the strange animal. They are and I guess there's a lot of them up in that mountain range well. Encourage you to. You know whatever shoot 'em because they. They're hard on dog. Hewlett so do they encourage you to encourage you to take them out? Because they they killed the we his mouth open in the middle that low down. Yeah, that fucking? Amen. Yeah their faces fucking face. That doesn't even look like a real face. Dude, I should send you mind. You can put in here in like A. Look at it. SCARE THE SHIT I! I kept a whole hide. I just you know when I when we were in, there was like Santa Mail put it right there and there's two chimps that fake this thing. This is Shane, against the machine on instagram made me this whole notion. Champ skull that he made out of Zil, Jn. Looks like it says on the back of reminds me of that movie Congo. Bad guerrilla remember that yeah, do you know why they you know what's interesting about that? That's the Michael Crichton Book Right, isn't it? Michael CRICHTON YEP What's interesting about that? Is I thought he was just making that up, but there is a giant chimp in the Congo is a giant. They called the Bondo ape huge six feet tall. They've caught him on camera traps. There's a thank you from Sweden Switzerland. Forget a wildlife photographer named Karl Ammann, and he was obsessed with these things he saw one once I believe, and then he set up all these camera traps he spent years in. They're trying to document this thing. 'cause there's an enormous chimpanzee like a sub species of chimpanzee that lives in the Congo and this place called billy and he got photos. Of Yeah, they've photos. They've camera traps These two guys who live there shot one near. An airfield! Landing Strip it's huge. It's like a six foot tall chip equivalent of seeing bigfoot right. If I ever saw certainly WanNa go find it more I. Don't necessarily think bigfoot exists, but if I saw one, I certainly want to go find it. This one's really tricky because it sleeps on the ground like a guerilla. Yeah they nest on the ground and the. They caught one eating a leopard. They don't know if it killed the leopard, or if it was just up, that was already dead, but you imagine how strong a chimp is now imagine how strong two hundred I mean not two, hundred, six, six foot, tall, probably more than two, hundred, three or four hundred. Is Muscle mass known to man that data. Fuck out of the jungle. The crazy thing is a camera trap photos of one walking upright. Walking TV find that the guys Karl with a K.. R. Amman. He's this while photographer. They're gonNA obsessed with this animal because they were you know. A lot of people were claiming bullshit for the longest time on this. There's photos of one that someone had shot from the nineteen twenties and they were trying to figure out if it was a hybrid. Chimp Hybrid. If that's possible, see, that's the one that's the camera trap. The far left CC walking that Fucker was walking on his hind legs. It's huge, and they'll go back to where you see that one right beside it on the left as the dead one up top up top that right there. That's the one that they shot. At a a landing strip, they shot near an airport. Look the size of his. Good Lord Good Lord or is that fucker? How big the men are behind it, but you know I mean even if they're five seven. That's a that's a six foot enormous chimpanzee. And the one in the middle, the black and white one jamie..

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