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The first English colony in America was established about fifty miles up the coast at Roanoke island in fifteen eighty seven and the Wright brothers. First successful flight took place at kill devil hills. Where you can find the right brothers national memorial today outside of the Outer Banks nine other national seashore have been created making appearances on virtually every American coast. But there's a reason that the Outer Banks was first and the rest is history. We started the last two stories of the pop quiz. So let's give you one more. How many faces can the average person recognize according to a new study? It's a pretty impressive number yet way. More than I thought how many would you have thought? And we're talking about faces that we can actually recognize not necessarily remember the name of I'd say like five hundred and even that I think would be high wonder how far off bed number is. Let's find out researchers in the UK saddled to answer to basic questions. How many faces do people know personally, and how many famous faces two people recognize to figure this out. This started by having twenty-five study participants spend about an hour listing people whose faces they could mentally picture. The researchers give them fourteen brainstorm categories, including family friends school and people they met on a trip the name listing started off pretty quick but got more challenging as the our progressed. Nobody ran out of names before the hour was up though. So the researchers used the data to extrapolate when each person would have probably run out of names. And therefore, how many names they probably would have remembered then researchers had participants do pretty much the same thing only with famous faces. In the end people typically listed more faces from their personal life than that. It was celebrity faces at about four hundred two three hundred and for the last part of this study, the researchers put together a database of more than three thousand famous faces and asked participants how many they'd recognized this time though, participants didn't just get an hour the integrated into the normal routine over three months in the end participants recognized about five faces for every one they recalled in that first test and for some more number crunching and extrapolating, the researchers had a number one.

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