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She's like, I'm on L. And like, I can't believe I'm here. I'm with Missy Elliott when she was within the CLI like she is thoroughly enjoying it. Tell us one celebrity story about being at the Super Bowl. I don't have a, you know, who came over to say. Of course, Hello to Ellie Kemper was Keenan from SNL. Oh, yeah. Love could not have been nicer. He was very excited to see her. She everyone knows her and he has a show coming up. She could not have been nicer Thompson from us. I know. Yeah. One of the longest standing cast members of one sweet thing about Ellie Kemper L E Kemper left our seats. We were we had the fortune of having very good seats. But one of the things about having very good seats is your down a huge huge flight of stairs. A lot of stairs to get down there. And she disappears climbs up all the way to the stairs. And I'm sitting there and I turn around and she comes down. She's gotten dip in dots. She knew I like chocolate, and she came and got me snacks. That's mamie. But she was just nice and sweet the whole time. She really is that person which is a live her. If you follow in the on Twitter, you can check out the photo of Ellie Kemper arriving back with pure joy because excited that I'm excited about the ice cream, but she's one of the nicest human ever met in sixteen years. He's very she asked about me a lot. She did she asked about all of you. Actually, she did. She said I really felt like I was in good hands with all you guys night co host when I guess hosted that maybe me a little more really a little bit. If you ever want to see if you ever wanna laugh go to Ellen tube and search for the Ellie Kemper video where she is our our our esteemed writing staff led by Kevin sent her to a mall locally to do some gift wrapping and to be really bad at giftwrapping, and she comes up with this where she sends people who are misbehaving to the potato corner. It's a funny bit. You should look it up. Can we talk about John John and Anthony, yes we ever digital show on Ellen tube? Now called the build up episode two of the build up this weekend had three million views on Facebook. That's incredible. Yeah. So it's really amazing. John Anthony, guys they were on HDTV and the forever. There was were always called the cousins. Yeah. And they've done work for us over the years, and they are now running digital series for called the build up. And it's really entertaining. Eddie, tell them about what they're doing all more. It's it's yeah. It's it is under -taining. And you know, I love before. And after sure it's also like inspiring what they're doing. It's really cool. So so so these two young guys that we had on our show who were in this. We're like these drummers in in Baltimore from Baltimore who were playing their are dramas, basically on the street for money and their busking, and we got a video of them and we loved him, and we brought him out here, and we talked to them. And it turns out they were really inspired by this teacher of a music class in their high school in their public high school in Baltimore, and we just kept wanting to do more for them because they're super cool, and they go back to the school, and they give back so we decided to go to Baltimore and to find an apartment for them. And then like retrofit the apartment for what? They do which is drawing generally like drummers store dome as room airy in an apartment. Yeah. You know? My it's not the people aren't loving, son. You know, my son had -partment. Yeah. My son had a set of drums, and we put them in the guest house, and that's still wasn't far enough away. So John Anthony may more they could soundproof the room where they would drum, but they didn't stop there. They like hooked him up with a performance at a ravens game in Baltimore. And they redid they totally renovated and redid the music room been like thirty years. You guys been using the same music room with the same walls that shake chairs and these guys come in..

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