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It's March eighteenth. Good morning. I'm Bob Conway. We have fair sky this morning twenty nine degrees. Chilly this morning and AccuWeather says we will have some moderating japa- Gers nothing extreme however, partly sunny high of forty three later on today. The normal is forty seven five day forecast ahead. Our top local story on NewsRadio WBZ B M. Illinois state police report one person was killed and others. Seriously injured in a rollover crash last night on the Bishop Ford expressway police say both people in a car heading northbound one hundred thirtieth straight while the car veered off the right side of the freeway and ROY. Rolled onto a sidestreets police say both people were adults. But there was no additional information about their identities. As the investigation continues in the race for Chicago. Mayor Lori Lightfoot picked up a couple of endorsements yesterday. One of them from congressman a chewy Garcia who spoke with reporters prior to the south side Irish parade and said Lightfoot is the heart and soul needed to wash your in a new era in Chicago, we need to fully embrace the twenty first century and do the people's business with greater transparency and accountability. And I think that's the euro that Chicago is about to experience when we elect Lori Lightfoot Lightfoot also picked up another endorsement this one from one time mayoral contender. Jerry Joyce Irish is smiling on the south.

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