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Of the field at the right hash. Mark there years. Also besides the tight end plus two receivers. Now, they try run over the right side. But the bears close it down pretty good. Weaver keeps them from going anywhere. This time Damer KADO again carrying the ball three to go. But it is enough for a first down. Throw an opportunity here down of a twenty two yard line. We get near the end of the third quarter cannot she came in and tried to punch the ball out that time. And when he did he hit something and hurt his. But you hit somebody in the helmet shaking right hand. He actually had a cast during practice on his left hand during bowl week crackers who tried to protect it. So now, he's got both hands it abide hole on allure is the running back again. Three receivers to the right. We stay with Iran run over left tackle and get a couple of yards on this play. Baco made by rusty Becker with help. Mary's. Seven and nothing score. This game goes in overtop. We'll be able to morning. The point they are starting from thirty five dollars. So. Ten to fifteen to go. Third quarter. Bought the nineteen yard lions second and seven. Three wide receivers to the right are running back down the quarterback. Now, they found one of the guys who lined up to the right regular will now be out by himself. And that's dangerous. Now the bears quarterback who is pretty effectively down to the sixteen yard line. Milstein saw an opening over the left side when he couldn't find a receiver heaven Weaver is able to get them. Yardage on the play as they get it down. Now to the sixteen yard line bears. Bring in a whole bunch of new players here. Third down four yards ago. Sixteen yard line of California thrown import play for both sides of the ball right here. The three yard gain. At twenty four to go. Third quarter one split wide receiver way out to the left to to the right side. Only go with a run the bears do not let him get the first down. Not even close. Pretty good Mike on all in lot. Well, they they know that they have the field goal. If nothing else. You also know that you have a quarterback has completed as made to the guys white guys in purple. And so at that point, you don't take your chance and throw it. They're going wildcat here. It looks like as the quarterback has come out of the game. Looks like we're going to have wildcat formation Weaver and Beckett in on that last tackle, right? They're going to be a direct snap it. Appears they're running back on the play. All. He takes it starts to run himself waves to the right? Bears are not gonna stop on me. Got it over the goal line. Or are they going to call it a touchdown right there? Extra point will tie it up. That was the RPO version of student body rights, ROY. You get him at that tailback spot. You've lied with the frontside linebacker and you pull.

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