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Also owner of eagle shield, you know, what very quickly I want to talk a little bit about your charity work because what you do sort of ties into a larger picture. Oh, thank you for that. I didn't even expect to talk about that. I appreciate it is our passionate eagle shelled where stewardship based company we take five percent of our revenue and we fund things like we built a school in Africa. It's called row. He it's an. Newkirk kenya. There's a province Gildo where there's a dumpsite were over six hundred children limited dump. So we built the school at the dump. So we took it to them. And it's just it's a privilege and a passion of arse. And then we also deal with home support out of Mexico where we build three homes a year, and we also build water wells through charity water dot org, and we really love the charity. Water dot org. Water well program because they put a GPS locator on the well, so you can go down and see the well anytime you want to that's cool. So all the listeners when they hire us. We take five percent of our revenue to do that. And then every other month, you get the eagle newsletter. And it lets you know, what projects were working on and then Google or down and see the water wells that you're part of figure. It's about every fifty fifty five customers equals one water. Well, and then you'll be able to. See by longitude latitude and Google earth where it is. So thank you for sharing that that is definitely our passionate. You're doing some good stuff. And before we close this out. I want to remind everybody to that Garrett also.

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