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Three and four in the weeks to follow. I'm definitely a big fan of better. Things love that show. I'm glad that's coming back and I might check out Fargo. I didn't know the Chris Rock was going to be the star of that but I don't even know what the premise of it is. So maybe I'll look into that one as well seth Macfarlane is now doing business with NBC universal having signed an overall deal with the company that has reportedly worth at least two hundred million good for him and B. C. Universal content studios studios the New Business Division Outbid Twentieth Century Fox television where McFarland has created TV series for more than two decades. His deal with Fox expired in June and his first packed with NBC. You is said to spend five years for a nine figure payday under the deal. McFarland and his production company fuzzy door all developed and produced TV projects for NBC. You you various networks and platforms including the peacock streaming service set to launch in April. So the only thing that kind of curious about this. I wonder what this means for him at his Fox projects is he still going to be involved in family guy. American dad on the Oroville if he's doing win this other network. NBC related as deal expired. And so I don't know what it actually means but good for him in finding new ventures to be involved with but I'm not sure what it means for. His current projects likely indicative of both Fox series ultimate fates almost family and flirty. Dancing will relocate to Saturday nights to wrap up their freshman runs. Forty dancing and almost family will stay. Put this coming. Wednesday January anyway fifteenth but the week after a rerun of nine one one lone star's first two episodes will fill the Wednesday night. Then on January twenty ninth ninth episode of Twenty Four Hours to Helen back last man standing in the soon to Premiere Sitcom outmatch will fill the void.

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