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I see a free spirit who's who's laughing or mocking everybody. What's going through your mind as Bray Wyatt? What was the Genesis for creating bright? Why the character how did that all come about? Because certainly there have been comparisons to dance by his character of Waylon mercy than. Explain this is the goes in it went in chapters man, it wasn't just like I said it wasn't. I didn't just find it. A A lot little. of people. Don't know. I I did this character. I'd probably have been doing it for over over half years now and for year, no side the day. I'm still one day, basically change change, your we don't need you anymore. And that infuriated me over. And I was very very wine. Fight about it. I wasn't expecting it. I been recalibrated, and I was doing great in on the day. Or whatever reason then Spivey was was onto performance center. Backpay nifty w arena and set with Danny. And I just started talking to Danny. And he put his kinda give me some insight. His nephews there at the time, and I wrestled against his nephew in high school and Blake football against him in college. Who else close with him, you know, Hackney the one tough enough Enderle? Right. And he, and I guess he things he Andy. But I should I start talking with the waving. And he started explaining what the janitor. What that kids was. And and so I went back, and I watched some Waylon, then I started watching deniro and here we up, and I go man this there's something here, and I started doing it. But then it ruined Brune grew next thing. You know? I'm taking. I'm listening to interviews with Charles Manson, the next saw the movie red state and Rob's on his films have been a huge influence, and it was just like and combine that when it might natural mind for propaganda flow together in the between something actually became some could throw me a Michael I'm on Ron operate. That's an I could feel it up. And it would it would make sense to me because that's that's why that's why I wanted to be which is the polar opposite. Plus if you throw huskies, a microphone and said talk, though, it would it would have just been wrong and wouldn't have been me in pets of the. I mean, the beginning stages of so how did you come up with a brain? Why? Very cool stink. When I was talking away. Imagine it came from Waylon Jennings. You know, firstly mercy. I'm not sure what that came from. But he was telling me about. Got the cantor from here. But what was real interesting is that he's from around the same region. I'm from. And he he's going then I grew up somebody raise jobs, I just took inspiration from people that I knew growing up. So when I went back, and I started doing the white at I had ideas for names this and that, but then I thought back to my route. And I we're in from and I had a childhood friends. Name was Bray white, right? Great white was one of the most intense individuals never know. He was in a car accident when he was young and lost the feeling and his face and he's got the scars on his face. And he was basically impossible to knock out. He had no feeling in his right? And he was just as intense country. Boy, you know, all to me, I looked up when I was a kid and so the name break into him in Wyatt is a wider wider. So, you know, western fan as well. I will say, yeah. What I like, I like out awesome. The Nokia raiders fan like L those. And like tough things, you know, what I mean? I think you can respect that. I can. Let's talk about your theme music. Because from what I've gathered you were surfin internet or going over a data Bank of Denham base of songs, and you come across the song done by Mark cruiser..

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