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Tapes and finally in the sunday night game the steelers clinched the afc north with a thirty nine thirty eight win over the ravens remarkable game i mean the ravens defense is if they're like a hot and cold defense either shut you out or get a bunch of turnovers or give up a lot last night was giving up a lot and no jimmy smith evidently really hurts then we probably already knew that but it's been made painfully obvious in that game bend throws for five hundred yards antonio brown over two hundred yards i embody my article this week for sports on earth about antonio brown v most consistent player that i can ever remember skill position player i guess you could say brady to maybe but i mean it's just it's amazing he is the number one skill position guide that i can remember you know in terms of weektoweek production since my rook year two thousand one he is like bri the ship station of skill guys because ship station is the number one choice of online sellers because they bring all your orders in from any of the popular selling channels like shop a fi square space wu commercesea by any of them any of your shopping channels they bring him into one easy to use interface making them really easy to manage from any device it is awesome and right now you can try ship stationcom free for thirty days and get an additional month free only if you use my offer code ross again ship stationcom before uranium sales click on the microphone in the top of the home page and type in ross that ship stationcom enter ross.

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