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Families out in the cold looking for a place to go. But thanks to organizations like the Red Cross John berry elementary school is doubling as temporary shelter. We've set up a warming station with the office emergency management to provide food and just a place for folks in come to stay out of the cold weather as we assess how we can help them going forward as you saw what the Red Cross is. They're teaming up with other organizations to make sure everyone displaced by the fire has somewhere to go. Their agencies are actually contacting us just to align with us as far as they didn't find what are the long term needs Almon Brown with the overbook beacon community center is one of the neighbors who jumped into action after he received word that so many people were left without a place to go following the fire. He says they're opening their doors for families and doing whatever they can to help those in need. We're gonna bring around toys. So we're going to try to keep the young children happy as long as we can other neighbors volunteered. Their services to help. Those in need by doing everything from serving hot chocolate to passing out blankets, Justin, Trudeau KYW NewsRadio. The worst may not be over even. The snow has stopped falling across the southeast. Hundreds of thousands are still in the dark as temperatures drop and snow turns into layers of ice, this snow has stopped but coded trees. Keep falling cutting off power to more homes and businesses across the south Meredith Archie is with Duke Energy. So what does the outlook look like for people without power? Just depends on the area that they're in some of our hardest hit areas it could still be a day or two for now. The state of emergency for North Carolina remains in effect, North Carolina. Governor ROY Cooper is urging residents to use caution. First responders stand ready to assist you as needed, but don't risk your safety. And there's by making them come to your rescue. Meg all of our CBS news, Chapel Hill, North Carolina..

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