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Other said he's going around the prison having read my poker and understood it too bad bricks sunday to mothers sunday to mattis. What about all the people didn't matter now. You may laugh that for that fellow. When she's finished his sentence will not murder again. He's authentication being reinforced again and again by the prison cells. The boston new windows even his uniform. He's gone pass at indication. He's not a a person a huge being done. These terrible things dotting initiate. What he's done this including all the other stuff in his life if you keep treating people as a paedophile repeater no such things. As terrorists people have done terrorist things. Okay another story for you. True story his his his personal jose time during the vietnam war after penn psych on the other place in now soviet-era they fell to the communists within days. I tend charles monetary. Well i lived to hanoi was half the distance as it was bankok and we had an evacuation plan. The government see father the embassies in had older names and evacuation plan. Because i already expected the communist to invade northeast tied which was ethnically. Lao belong to laos while than thailand. Anyway we'll on alerts in case they crossed the border. But because i was fluent entire at the time on laotian because many of those generals actually visited edge jar. He's a top generals and asheville twice. I got the low down. Those generals would not afraid of troops crossing because the communists in vietnam laos cambodia had exhausted all resources now in that war. They didn't have the strength to evade another country. That was it maybe years later. But what the generals in thailand were already concerned about was the ethnic thais who had rebelled against the government the communists who were tie people and they were very very strong highly organized. Many of the university graduates people who've had reacted a tragedy in thomas university. One of the main thai universities seeing their friends thrown on to bonfires alive. No one of the monks who saw on is so severe. Shame were in the close fighting an insurgency. Could all the weapons. They wanted from across the border and supplies from the local villagers who felt neglected by the government. I know that. Because i was in that area at the time i had to ask the military which mounting i should go to to meditate. Aw otherwise the communists had captured. Some monks tortured and killed him and a white mount. They were thought i was seeing straight away outta be dead meat. So i'd also soldiers witch mountain. Could i go in. They said that one over there that save the communist. Lots of moving that mountain they are. Oh yeah we know where they all are. What any attack them. It's not our policy. They had far greater amount of helicopter. Gunships support of the us military. There was a non violent strategy. We're not going to attack them if we do that. Like the hydros head in greek mythology if we just kill one of those communist insurgents the brazos friends choi up for revenge so as nonviolence. There was also amnesty forgiveness. Anytime any one of those soldiers wanted to give up and go back to university village. There would be no debriefing. There'd be no torture or consequences. What hundred percent forgiveness just go back let go your free anytime you want to leave a clear exit strategy with no fear and they meant it. They did that a lastly. We always say the courses actually looking at those courses. I remember meeting one of these soldiers who was the they had these places watched and they knew who the insurgents where the communists were and he said he would meet the communist going down to the village for some ice would have stopped him you just. He showed them his new watch. Used to call the ghetto. Blasters big said. This is why we're not fighting the government is actually looking after us. We can new prosperity regretting immigration system. It actress ity kleenex. We'd be looked after so the visitors gave up their support for the communists had no reason noodle ballato. Those communist insurgents gave themselves up and some entrepreneurial type businessman will take people and toes of the case where the communists were for. The best thing was when the leaders gave themselves up. Shorty can't have amnesty for them. These are the ones who actually killed monks and solters and suddenly other people but for once the country which is supposed to be buddhist protests. There were an amnesty just like everybody else little leaders and not just that. They had talents organizational inspirational. There were given top positions in the civil service. You use your talents for your country. Not against it. And i told that story. Once in sydney in front of the the consul general of the thai embassy. The concert in sydney he stood up and he said not enforce story. I know most of what you said was absolutely true. Therefore stories three of those communist insurgent leaders are now serving as ministers in the government not to be put a costlo on award and shot dead not locked up in prison forever but to be part of the system so it's a marvelous buddhists way. Yeah you make an upset angry at the why. Why not being in inside. When i was expelled from the monastery or sober years forgiving automation to.

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