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Make sure you fixed the problem yourself. Thank you. Thanks. Great. Take care of things. You do it. Bye bye. We're here for your life. Saturday morning, January 30th 7:15 A.m. and the next segment of the home and a plan show is brought to you by Farmington drugs and medical supplies. And my darling Valerie, and I don't go anywhere else to buy drugs and We're both seniors and we use drugs, and we go to Farmington drugs and medical supplies located on the corner of eight mile in Farmington Roads in Lavonia, the best prices of any drugstore, mentioned the home an appliance store with Joe Gammon and then purchase a wheelchair Walker king or other medical equipment and get 15% off in store purchases. And free delivery all the way to Grand Mac. That's Michigan. Transfer or refill your prescriptions online at Farmington drugs dot com. Their phone number 248478. 39 22. That's 248478 39 22 when we come back and we are coming back, we're gonna be talking from Andy from Carlton. And we could be talking to you Just give us a call at 808 59. Zero W. J R That's 808 590957. I'm happy to be helping out this morning. I'm Donald Hammer Schuster, and we're just moments away from the next secondment of the home and apply it. Joe was consumer advocate and appliance. Dr Joe Gannon all coming to you through command central W. G. R in the new center area of midtown Detroit right there smack dab on the floor of the fish ability. They're blasting it out into the ethers.

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