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What what does that hey af capital a low or case capital a capital f a f a nineteen twenty six l assess the alliance of american football marcellus which is going to be a new football league that is going to debut after this upcoming super bowl super bowl is coming up to the the next we'll be february twenty nineteen right yeah this league debut on february ninth twenty nineteen charlie ever saw is kind of the guy that's the brainchild behind dick ever saw his mom was a is a huge television executive sports television executive his father was part of the xfl vince mcmahon is trying to relaunch the xfl that's expected being twenty twenty but this new league the alliance of american football and if i'm on the board of directors the first thing we're going to do if you're going to rename the league guys it's time for the american alliance of we're gonna back try again so so crust the name but dale a lights susie here alliance you think eighties i mean i'm just talking not a good name not a good move on their they're gonna start the week after the super bowl the re the league is going to have ten weeks schedule they're going to fifty men teams not quite sure where they're going to be so let let's go through a couple of things let's start here there's been other rival leagues to the nfl kind of sprinkled around the afl was the one that kind of worked.

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