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Berkeley discussed on Nets Basketball


Chinese symbols for Berkeley that's up there and that's a sixteen for lead as the red ribbon with the signage around the arena also right displaying leading the yellow brick Mandarin writing symbols this is in the red gold right to left is Derrick rose takes it across to the court life Markieff Morris in the game now we're number eighty eight eighty eight number from eight to eighty eight the dollar Kobe Bryant Galloway downloaded drumming driving the lane for Detroit five issue how to Morris right wing fifteen footer is no good we got off the floor by carrier B. spousal little front quarter going strong down the lane road to the galley lost the ball scooped up by snail galleries down like this really hurt drove me to turn around both these good Galloway laying down now does a push up to get up he was laying down not moving for a little bit surprise him given follow the check him out Irving puts it left rates for three no good to strong rebounded by Derrick rose the pistons rose and moved to the front court gets around Irving down the lane to the remotely uprooted a phallus call gets prince temple there are grows he he is a different player the last last year and a half and certainly this year is playing it incredibly high level he had Senate Detroit piston record of well game zero twenty points or more and he is is back up and say is back to the MVP leveille once was but it's awful close it's not that exploration game going right now is a twenty or more in this career high twenty twelve consecutive BM it's the longest streak since Jerry Stackhouse back at the two thousand two thousand one season for the pistons down the lane harass wrapped around the defender to elevated strip the pieces go the other way rose to the frontcourt down the lane going strong Mr shot it trailing Joe Harris comes up with the rebound Harrison verbally to get it to the front court hands to reach all face tries right in the lead to stick shot rolls off the wall it's a gold it's the opposite of fear into Alex it while it was on the rare they let you get did what he the game with five forty one to go the first sixteen nine connected for the pistons very good defensive homes set by the nets are now Kerr temple especially that's why he's out there and then it's over working extremely hard on the back for a rebound rose out of the for side counts it right away Mars speeds Frobenius and with the students have scored seven in a row out of the timeout turnovers of fuel that net time beautiful delivery sixteen eleven nets five fifteen to go the first guy read out of the right wing played by Galloway please Allah rolled around these Haber Markieff Morris with the school gym right there have hi rearing injured alums and nice Mr Hansen deliveries early on with seven points down the lei rose again gathering Mister Drummond stick will go rebound by Joe Harris Harris a little front court gives the prince told strolled to me temple gold stroll down the lady miss the shot to get knocked to the ground to go sliding into the basket statue the phallic is the basics this is the first state to then we're going to check into the game wearing number twenty six changing his number from eight to twenty six the movie was very emotional after the game on Sunday a kid that was only about four.

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