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The big boys, the professionals come back and this is a day of celebration. We have been as a media community sports media community crawling across a desert landscape of no content or a summer a summer that. Has been barren, and now here comes the content, the fun things to talk about the lady on bell stories. But what of course, what we're going to do is play. What things cost, who is it have? Does it have imaging or what is it? What? What is ready to start? Right. I don't know, am I is it going to be terrible? Well, here's the thing. I was wondering, well, should we play this game or is he's really excited? He's he's really interested in the Drake and Kanye beef man. I think we might need to wait till the twelve o'clock hour for that. I think my nerves are to round up for the Gary Busey interview 'em all over the place and freaking out even though I might not even ask a question. Sorry, spoiler alert, but I think we might need some time to get into the strict thing because it might go for a while. I mean is he's very fired up about it, and I just remember I remember one of these. These are people who remind me that I was getting old all of these people Kanye west fortieth birthday. I walked out of his concert like five songs in because I'm like, I don't belong here. I'm too old for this. Credit was just him on stage. There was no musicians. It was just handed up there and I'm like now and and then we started highly questionable and some of their first questions were about the Kardashians and I'm like, yeah, not doing this and not not. No stop asking me Kardashian questions. I don't care about the Kardashians. I don't wanna talk about the Kardashian, so I've been surprised to hear that you have been sucked into this. This vortex that gobbles up basketball players rappers alike. I only care about the Kardashians in the context of Drake and Tanya, like I don't even care about the credentials in the context of NBA player. That doesn't interest me the Lamar Odom. James harden not interesting. The curse. Not interesting. This ridiculous. Interesting, but we should play. What? What is it? What do things look trust me on this one gamblers put in charge. He is not to be trusted in with judgment decision. That's what makes it exciting. And so what. Who's in charge Now, Dan. All right guys for what. Fanfare, here's how the game works for those of you who are new to this game, which is everyone could. That's the first time we played. I will give you an idol which we looked up this morning on WalMart dot com. And you will guess how much you think that item cost. Now, Dan, whoever's closer at the end of this game, which has twenty items by the way, whoever's close. The game wins. All right. So the total the the least amount of money when it all gets added up. The difference is get all added up against Izzy against dizzy. Alright already. So wait, this is not like price is right. You can go over. You can go over. You can go under. It's fine. We're just doing the difference here. Okay. All right. Ready friends, twenty one of the twenty one item. I feel like it's going to get cut off way before. So we're going to do this before we do what the co host here is a good air is told you he finds unlikely..

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