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Play at oregon next week which is gonna be tough after the big win less i they'll be celebrating that for a few more days at cal improved team with justin wilcox at arizona should be a win but still on the road than at utah then the apple cup at washington only home games letter colorado homecoming october 21st and stanford november fourth think about washington the huskies five of their last seven or home so scheduling a figure to go to five today they're playing at oregon state a guy up a corvallis they figured i'd be five ano they get cow ucla oregon utah washington all hall only to roque aims at arizona state at stanford so schedules that are completely opposite five it'll add seven on the road for washington state five at a less seven at home for washington advantage huskies advantage huskies yeah advantage but at whatever i mean what he's done and i know he's been give it a lot of time to do it but what mike leach has done in pullman where since that rose will run into my price they've done virtually nothing i think his exceptional that's not an easy place to go and win at all well they've had success they had that will act like i get mike leach let's act like wikileaks is the only coach it's been at washington state as had success a k think about all the coach i go back to jim walton and all the coaches out of washington statelet that you mentioned might price and all the other co that had a lot of success and they had some shocking win but it and and and paul it's always been palm and has always been a tough place to play this is just been but it i think it's a different time now it's a time when you as c and ucla washington oregon stanford they're all probably better perceived and set up for success auto level even just in the pact while the low but now we've got a was routine that with this win melds prot we're going to be in the top eleven or twelve when the poll comes out on sunday an unbelievable i would not have thought it i would not thought well you think luke faulk and luke fox is a quarterback he's kind.

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