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The stars of tomorrow the two thousand eighteen nfl draft starts april the twenty sixth and nfl network and on fox bob papa charlie rhymer here now towered eighteen patrick reid started the day with a threeshot lead re going with less than driver on the t at number five this land in areas squeezes in between bunkers on the left and trees and second cut on the right a lot of players going with that three would that is down the left center of the fairway so he's in very good shape rickie fowler with a big mistake as we mentioned earlier before read played obviously rory mcilroy had the honors and mcelroy to going without the driver lena little bit as he hit his tee shot over at number five leaning to his right and that is just into that second cut down the right hand side for rory mcilroy let's take you out to fifteen were all casey brian k trick is proving there is a number to be had on the golf course today we certainly is bob three sixty five yesterday paul casey eight under for the day and facing thirty feet for eagle he just got a little bit of a read from how tong li this putt he's got he's playing probably ten feet of break on it from the right hand side of the green to a front center hole location plays it way out to the right and expecting it to take the slope and come down to the left and it's doing that not bad it's passed the whole now and stops there you're the plight applause from the patrons it's going to be two feet for birdie and it's gonna move casey into some pretty heady territory he'll be nine under heading to sixteen.

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