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And it lose cleared out thirteen seconds they go this once covered other near side hayes over the line done miller miller along the wall washed up by took partership partership check in it cleared it out two seconds left and madl no it you could bring up as saying body the lows and started the season foreign o with a three one win in new york against the rangers what a start to the season for the first time since that thirteen fourteen sees it the st louis blues and started foreign oaa just the second time in franchise history while water start for the blues i mean if you look at the way that they initiated player early in the hockey game and then a fought off some of the penalty kill and then once again we talk about it the goal tending was outstanding lose come in with a three one win three to one the victory the st louis blues over the new york rangers they were object thirty to twenty but nonetheless they get the big 208 prison terry is you start the post game show we'll check back with the all just a little bit dr wanted of lose players just outside the locker room it will break this game down as well from our perspective what the road trip starts to and all the loser three eno on the road now word on data laurel and then a game against the panthers rubbed florida on thursday let's get the most games you'll role with you too yeah thanks guys will hear from you in a little bit but with syria chris ruby getting seventy independent tyre dealers post game show and what to win on the road for the blue shaker and water performance from carter houghton absolutely fantastic and his first started the year making some incredible saves in the third period will the second intermission we talked about how the how the blues played such a good period just defensively shut down a little bit but in the third period the rangers came with everything and they guy some chances and carter houghton was standing talso how 'bout him as probably the player the game tonight keeping the rangers at bayan basically holding on to what what ended up being a two one win obviously the.

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