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Yeah i've had a similar conversation with several of the actors who appeared on dallas and right and i've said this to them i'll i'll say this to you and your other cast members in dallas excuse me that when you're friends with an actor in real life whose character you're not supposed to like that shows how good of actor you are yeah because again it's a character what we had so much fun doing that and donna and john and i have been getting together quite often in the recent past 'cause we were thinking actually some people had asked us to do something together which a lot of our knots landing fans i think would like to see so that has been going on but here i found her email wait okay here's some one of the producers that wanted to do something okay the series finale of knots landing aired twenty five years ago tonight may thirteenth nineteen ninety three so joan writes me earl got dot am exclamation exclamation exclamation new paragraph where and she but we're not done yet and she signed it patra van love it on the line with us is michelle lee michelle lee the actress known around the world is karen fare gate mackenzie on knots landing michelle's website is michelle lee online dot com you can also follow her on twitter at the underscore michelle lee another thing i love we'll i.

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