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So. Trying to put my arms around the Bernie show last night. I don't know you saw I did not I listen to it on the radio. Sirius XM Fox News channel on Sirius XM. And so that's how I heard it. And so sometimes you hear things on the radio different than when you see things on TV. So I don't know. Did you see the Bernie town hall, so Bret Baier and Martha McCallum were the people that were the anchors of the show. It went about an hour and five minutes something along those lines. And the Bernie thing, you know, the Democrats said, no, we're not going to have a. Debate on Fox News. We're only going to do it on CNN and MSNBC. I get it. And I don't blame them. I know a lot of people on the right or go. That's so rotten. No. I don't blame them. The Republicans had won. On CNBC what you would think would be rather a political financial channel. But John Harwood is one of the people worked for CNBC, and he was one of the moderators of the of the Republican debate four years ago, and Harwood is a flaming live. I mean, March more than anybody ever knew. And he was just nasty. It was it was a waste of absolute a waste of. Everybody's time. The way it wasn't really asking questions. He was being accused of Tory. Nobody learned thing. So I get it. I don't I if I was a running the DNC I would say, no we're going to go to where people will ask friendly questions now. Hopefully, they will staff whoever the moderators are on CNN and MSNBC they will staff somebody on on the panel that will try and be. Journalistic about it. And try and ask tough questions of the candidates. But so so the DNC officials said, no, we're not doing business on FOX. Okay. I'm good with that. But Bernie says and they're already by the way, the news today is that FOX is in talks with Pete Buddha. Judge about doing of found a town hall with him. Oh, I gotta go back to my my emails where is the Email that I got. From yesterday. Oh, yeah. This is from from Rick. And he says Hello, Tom. Longtime listener do the show want you to know yesterday. I did an hour on mayor Pete. And I went down the list of what his positions are on tap. Eliza socialism taxes tax, the rich. I all these various topics about about policy, if you will what we're his ideas on all of that. And my point was doing I started the hour. I said, I know that a lot of people get really hung up on the fact that the man is gay. I don't care about whether he's gay I care about whether he is for this for that. What are his views on issues that affect me because I don't think that his sexual orientation affects my life at all. But his if he's elected president, I wanna know how he feels about capital gains. I wanna know how he feels about immigration. I want to know about things regarding gun control. I wanna know how his beliefs will affect me. Well, I get this Email from Rick. Hello, Tom longtime listener to the show of want. You to know. I'm not sure I can continue to be the comment you made about how you don't care about someone's sexual orientation and your only concern is their ability to govern concerns me. For John Adams stated our constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other. Do you not think God will judge us who we elect into the office? Really you sound its own Namur by this citizen on how he spoke eighteen languages has twelve degrees from fourteen colleges that you quite smart as being the only factor to consider his views on climate change, green new deal wealth distribution healthcare. College education aren't affront to every conservative. But you gave him plenty of airtime. Come on, Tom. I expect more from you guess guess time in the big city has really changed. Your core beliefs, please tell me I'm wrong on the air. Okay. You're wrong. Rick Briggs from smarts Ville, California. No, I'm not going to make any comment on it. So I sent Rick a note back, and I said break, I haven't changed. I've always said I don't care what you or anyone else does in your private life. I was simply saying people are going to focus on his sexual orientation rather than his policy positions. He comes across like mister Rogers. But he is a very far lefty. That is my concern. I disagree with most if not all of his policy positions if you want to focus on morality of our presidents, how can you justify supporting JFK Lyndon Johnson. Eisenhower, FDR et cetera et cetera. All head women on the side. I'm not voting for a national priest as far as John Adams. He did not own slaves. But most of our early presidents did I could go on. But I think you get my point. So here's this guy. Who did exactly what I what I predicted. He's focused on one thing. And one thing only the man is gay. All right. Rick wonderful. So he's gay don't and you don't like gays. Okay. Don't vote for him. Go for it. That I just my point in going down his policy ideas was to let you know, how he stood I was aghast at his policies. I don't think there was one that I agreed with. So am I going to be voting for mayor Pete, no way? Jose. There's I I've never built for anybody. Who shares his beliefs? Am I not voting for him because he's gay? I couldn't care less. I get some weird emails. Here's one from last hour. Mary Kowalski says do you think that you are encouraging too much criticism of Catholic worship practices? Will you allow that kind of criticism other other face? My criticism wasn't about Catholic worship practices by wasn't at all. I don't know. How you read that into it? But hey. Steph says mayor Pete looks like the deal breaker for me will be easy time. Anyone who wants to get rid of the electoral college is not wise enough or intelligent enough to be my president or to lead the country. I'm right there with you. Stephanie. Yeah. He wants to get rid of the electoral college. So I pointed out how he is released mart Rhodes scholar. Harvard all that, very smart guy. But just because you're smart academically doesn't mean that you're smart as a as a streetwise person and for him not to understand the electoral college. And why it is so superior makes me think that the guy is not all that smart. So I'm right, right. With you Stephanie on all of this. So Mark hang on. When we come back. We'll play a little bit about Bernie Sanders. What he had to say. And oh, yes. Are there? People mad at FOX for even having him on you better believe, I don't know why they think FOX should not have both sides of the topic. And one guy in particular, who's mad at FOX is this guy named Donald J Trump. These tweet so weird to watch crazy Bernie on Fox News. Not surprisingly, Bret Baier in the audience were so smiley and nice, very strange. And now, we have Donna Brazile, who's what do you mean? We. Are you FOX? We'll be right back. Some of you get pretty vicious. The problem is you've got to find somebody that cares. Tom sullivan. News ninety three point one. Af BK. This is a right in my wheelhouse. I love investing, and I love this concept. Tom Sullivan for Online Trading Academy. I have checked them out forward backward in and out. And I'm telling you they make investing..

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