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Tune for me. Here it comes. The Bloomberg Market Minutes on 700 wlw. Good morning, Mr Bellenger. How are you, sir? I'm doing well, Mike, How are you? Happy Friday. Back at you. Markets yesterday were often better do believe. Yeah. More worries over the pace of economic growth weighed on stocks for the second session in a row. The Dow was down 152 points yesterday, the NASDAQ lost 38 points and the S and P 500 closed 21 points lower. We get the first half of the government's monthly inflation data today that could have an impact on the markets opening direction. Economists think we'll hear that The Producer Price Index, which tracks wholesale costs. Was up 6/10 percent in August about that. Adding to the caution airlines. Yeah, The nation's airlines really don't think the surprisingly strong summer travel season will be repeated in the fall. United American and Southwest Airlines all say the spread of the Covid 19 Delta variant is hurting their travel demand. Well, then Of all things a shower bench, recall. Yeah, you can be hurt by this. So it's rather important to recall issued for Ivana brand shower benches that were sold by Costco over the last three years. The Consumer Product Safety Commission says the benches can collapse during use about 70,000 of the benches were sold. 81 users have reported collapses. Four people have been hurt. Wow. Alright, Then Toyota has cut their production target Does this have to do with chips, chips and also the spread of the coronavirus in Southeast Asia? That's further disrupting Toyota's access to the semiconductors and other components. Toyota has lowered its production target for the current fiscal year by 300,000 vehicles. It now expects to build about nine million vehicles this year. All right. Hit us with the futures. All right. Looks like we could see a Friday turnaround. If the numbers hold S and P futures are up. 17 NASDAQ Futures are up 55 Now Futures are up 175 points this hour from Bloomberg. I'm Jeff Belanger on news radio 700 wlw..

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