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A furious row has erupted between the UK and the European Union Prime Minister Boris Johnson is trying to change part of the brexit agreement after the much fought over deeply argued about seemingly interminable brexit debate billions of dollars worth of British, , trade with the EU and potentially with the United States hangs in the balance here is Steven with the update Brexit is a two stage affair the first age last year was the exit deal on the which if no trade agreement was reached with the EU A Hog Boorda would be imposed between northern, , Ireland and the rest of the UK. . This was meant to avoid a hard border with the Irish Republic, , which remains part of the e you many Brits were unhappy with it, , but the deal was agreed and turned into a treaty under the second stage. . Britain's had a transition period of the year in which to negotiate a new trade deal with the block that period is drawing to a close negotiations of gone well, , and the British government. . This week tried to change its commitment on Northern Ireland in parliament, , the Northern Ireland, , Secretary Brandon Lewis made a startling. . Yes does break intellectual law in a very specific limited white. . Yes. That . was British cabinet minister admitting that his government's planning to break the law provoking outrage in both houses of parliament former Justice Secretary Lord Charlie. . Folk ner didn't mince his words. . This stinking hypocrisy chokes our country's reputation and destroys our government's ability to lead at home and make agreements abroad and with the E. . U threatening to. . Sue The agreement that now looks in deadly peril his that free trade deal the UK's negotiating with the EU its largest trading partner Fiona sing. . Carter. . Of Forex trading firm city index says it's not surprising. The . pound has fallen sharply. . What's he doing here is adding to this picture of uncertainty I think it's just adding to the sense of does anyone actually know what's going to be happening? In ? what's going to be happening in just a few months at the end of this year without a new deal forty-three percent of UK exports could face European tariffs and other barriers. . Charles Grant of the Centre for European reform says, , it's not a pretty picture. . The huge prospect chaos at the borders lack of ability to travel easily from one part of Europe to another the impact on financial. Markets . which react very nicely. . The European Union is demanding. . The Brits stopped trying to renege on the exit deal and it has a powerful ally Washington, , which brokered the peace deal in Northern Ireland in the nineteen ninety s Nancy. . Pelosi Speaker of the House of Representatives says, , if the Brits continue on this course, , they can kiss goodbye to any hope of a trade deal with the US as well. .

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