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So i appreciate that. It's usually a sign of a show. That knows what it's doing that knows where it's going and that feels pretty good about it that it doesn't need to stretch these things out. I'm that said you can burn through plot to quickly and get yourself into a position where you have diminishing returns so. I am interested to see how we make progress from here. Are we going to keep burning at this pace. I will say. I don't think we had any results any match results in this episode so even though we did burn through a lot of story lines that they could have dragged out as far as the story of. Afc richmond team. I don't think we've progressed that at all we haven't kicked the ball any further down the field so we still have plenty to go with regard to the story of the fortunes of the team and if the overall arkansas season ends up with them coming back up we've got plenty of room to really stretch our legs out in that front But the interpersonal dynamics are very much still front and center here as opposed to the success of the team. Yeah for sure. I really enjoyed this one as well. I really i really like seeing. I'm glad that we're not drying out too long. That ted and doc are going to be like extraordinary adversaries you know like i think the way that they handled that this week was good. I loved seeing him not really be able to get all the way through biscuits with the boss and using that tactic here to great effect but also that it didn't like fall on deaf ears like it just was re. It was received differently but it wasn't received antagonistically necessarily and. I think that we're getting some interesting stuff with ted specifically some of the choices. He makes some of the decisions that he makes this week. That seem not great others. That seem really great. Some that fall somewhere in between and much of those decisions and really so much of the story this week. I'm generally i think threads through the return of jamie tar. Not just in a major way in the show but literally to afc richmond by the end of the episode as he has as the lust stops here for jamie tarts reality tv career. Antonia i again. We we wouldn't. We could have really. That's another thing we could have drawn out for weeks on end. We could have had jamie on the show. We could have seen more show contact. We could have the yoga. Moms and roy taking it all in and instead jamie's gone from la la stops era lust island or whatever we want to call it He's gone right away and he's back on the streets and it's i think a really good episode This is probably more so than just about anyone that we've seen over the course of the series a really good episode fulfilled dunster the actor who plays jamie tart and seeing a lot of a lot of different shades. The vulnerability is really really freaking me out right now to quote one of your favorite movies josh. One of our favorite departed but his vulnerability really shines through throughout. And i think it's a great opportunity to see him at his lowest moments and really see him struggling and and get him back on richmond. I will be interested to see of. Course if the jamie tart that we know from season one the one that predominantly we have seen in the course of this show Shows up at all. Is this true. One eighty s. He adjusted his ready to to come back and really be dominant or are they going to be more. Push pull moments with jamie tart. Yeah i think inevitably yes. But i think one of the things. The show does handle does really well as it handles..

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