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Game craig smith going to the net keeps doing he's gonna get rewarded it's just doing all the right things watching feeds the face off win back to sue ban where lama stopped at they weren't too sure where the puck was there for a moment what it was the beat varlamov and they'll face off again with nine twenty seven gone in period number three in the jump kasama going right to the mat su van shoots it not a tipper anything but a good screen and no rebound really good rebound control i think it just got trapped underneath the patch somewhere i don't think kharlamov even knew where it was no he did not you can tell by the way he was moving ahead zubin spins after the nashville face off win he's on his backhand cutting the left circle to the blue line at calm shot that one blocked by colorado tony nado comfort bork down the left side a backhand feed over to the right circle that shot broken up never did get through to sarah's and on the right wing side in the corner comes behind the net auto putting pressure there on sue ban and the puck held comfort he goes right side an off balance shot by berry and that deflects it's going to be a penalty call coming up here with su bannon tone and auto roughing the indication then there was another little to by the blue line let's get the call here then we'll have the is going to get a rough evolved from all indications at ten seventy six.

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