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Tor the mayor says he learned that more than two hundred miners are now housed there the youngest one is nine months old who are these children how many are they where are they what is happening here how is it possible that none of us knew there were two hundred thirty nine kids right here in our own city how is the federal government holding back that information from the people of this city homeland security officials did not immediately respond to a request for comment part of trump's executive order awaits court approval and could still face a legal challenge bobby allen npr news new york the house is scheduled to vote on to immigration bills this evening both bills include language barring the government from separating families who illegally crossed the border president trump hasn't clearly said which bill he supports it's not certain than either bill has enough support to pass south sudan's warring leaders have met face to face for the first time in two years caroline thompson reports this has renewed hope that the latest attempt at a peace agreement could work it started with an awkward group hug and an attempt at compromise so sudan's president salva kiir and opposition leader riak machar have met with ethiopia's prime minister in addison baba it's their first time together since their armies clashed two years ago in south sudan's capital city that fighting broke the last piece deal attempts at peace talks have been stalled for months they're now beginning again with the support of regional leaders and both care and machar present says sudan became an independent country in twenty eleven but a civil conflict that broke out in two thousand thirteen has created more than two million refugees for npr news i'm caroline thompson in nairobi japan is suspending its missile preparedness drills for civilians officials say the threat from north korea has eased for now john matthews reports for tokyo japan still appears to be on guard the evacuation drills started last year in response to several missiles being fired at or over japan now the administration says those will stop for the time being but on wednesday japan's defense minister called north korea as much of a threat now as it has been and urged staying on alert john matthews reporting the wife of israel's prime minister has been charged with fraud sarah netanyahu is accused of misusing state funds according to these rayleigh justice ministry you're listening to npr the national weather service has issued flash flood warnings for extreme southern texas thunderstorms are over rather over corpus christi and west of brownsville texas the weather service says that in some texas areas under warning up to twenty two inches of rain have already fallen in the men's world cup in russia two teams have already qualified for the next knockout stage of the tournament a few others have been eliminated as the first week draws to a close npr's elena seljuk reports from samara russia rushing uruguay are two of the teams that have so far qualified out of the group stage and into the knockout stage of the world cup both of them became top teams in group a by prevailing over egypt and saudi arabia and eliminating them from the tournament rushing uruguay will fee each other on monday in group b's spain and portugal are at the top with the highest amount of points and the same amount of points spain is on the verge of qualifying and morocco has been eliminated portugal is set to play iran on monday today's matches are between denmark and australia france will play peru and argentina will meet croatia alina seljuk npr news samara russia lawmakers in hungary of past immigration bills one would criminalize some help by those who tried to assist migrants illegally in hungary the bill would limit the work of non governmental organizations and staff could face jail time for helping migrants seek asylum if they're not entitled to it the hungarian lawmakers also passed legislation making it tougher for migrants to qualify for asylum i'm korva coleman npr news in washington support for npr comes from visiting angels professional caregivers assisting adults in bathing dressing meals and light housework nationwide visiting angels america's choice in senior home care office locations are at visiting angels dot com and.

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