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And not giving the virus and open playing field, the White House is stepping up efforts to have a home testing kit, Mass produced for use by residents in the US snow and ice are blanketing parts of the Northeast 2. FT. Could cover New York and New Jersey by tomorrow. In Boston Mayor Marty Walsh warns residents went to storm warning is in effect until 5 a.m. tomorrow morning. In a coastal flood advisories in effect, Police in Vacaville, California arrested a man suspected of killing two women. They were notified by someone who saw a live stream this weekend. 29 year old Raymond Weber is being held without bond. Ah, US billionaire is buying an entire space X flight planning to take three people with him to circle the globe this year. Gereb Isaac Man is using the trip to raise money for ST Jude's Children's Research Hospital. This is AP News North Carolina's Motor Vehicle Department will no longer issues specialty license plates that feature the Confederate flag. Specialty license plates issued in North Carolina depicting the Confederate battle flag had been issued to members of the Sons of Confederate veterans, the Group one in 1998 Court case after suing the state for recognition as a civic organization that could qualify for the specialty plates, But the North Carolina D. M. V now says the recognition doesn't entitle them to dictate the contents. The agency confirmed it had received complaints about the plates. And remains open to an alternative design but had determined that license plates bearing the Confederate battle flag were inappropriate because they have the potential to offend those who view them. I'm Jennifer King. Study finds Just a little more than a third of nursing home workers have been getting shots against Cove. It 19. That's according to the Centers for Disease Control that many nursing home workers are choosing not to get the vaccine even though it's being offered. I'm Jackie Quinn, AP News Seeking common ground. I'm Jackie Quinn with an AP News MINUTE Georgian Back in the Senate President Joe Biden held a White House meeting with the 10 Senate Republicans who've offered a slimmed down version of his $1.9 trillion covert relief plan. Top Senate Democrat Chuck Schumer, it makes no sense to pinch pennies. In so many Americans are struggling in an effort to make sure people get covert vaccines. The Department of Homeland Security says it won't conduct immigration enforcement actions at Cove it 19 vaccination sites unless it's an extreme case. Massive winter storms blasting the Eastern U. S disrupting travel in New York and New Jersey. We don't want folks, especially seniors going out in unsafe conditions and making streets icy further south up to 2 Ft of accumulation is expected in some areas. The high winds and snow fall could persist into tomorrow. Docks were hired.

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