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This is green and I'm the publisher Telecom Reseller, and this is a special podcast where the cloud communications alliance NTR publications and I have with me Alex monks who is the CO founder and CEO Dash Base Alex. thank you for joining me today. We have Jordan Phillips WHO'S THE HEAD OF SALES AT DASH base. It makes me. And we also have with is Myron. Wallace is a technical advisor to dash base pirate. Thank you for joining us. Thank you, Doug. It's always great to. Participate in these. PODCASTS. With. You. So, we're going to be reporting on some very interesting things. Today we're GONNA be talking about why dash basis. So important to the cloud community why dash basis joined now actively involved the cloud communications. Once you're not coming involving on an important panel at a summit and more news on dash basis. Well but for now, Alex, did you tell what is Dash Base? Yeah you bet. Definitely, is a tool for unification service providers than greatly simplifies the process of understanding what issues are in their communications platform and pinpointing the actual route costs. So with aspects, you take all the data from your platform you put it into dash basis is laws and data and ask something visualized calls media. Search for calls and be able to big all the way the whole resolution data that you need in order to understand every single piece of that call who needs base..

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