Rod Rosenstein, CBS, FBI discussed on Red Eye Radio


Public safety issues but didn't include the public. And that's according to the, e mails recently released, under a court order. The, union Tribune reports issues discussed. Include the controversial matter of closing Santino free a hazardous. Materials, team at Wednesday was. Working to clean up the spill after a truck. Carrying pool, supplies crashed on. State route one twenty-five, alcohol on this they'll. Happened at seven, AM just north of. Gros Mont college Dr A man is on trial for, allegedly punching a police officer in the face during a rally a Chicano park a defense. Attorneys Senate court. Wednesday the officer had ordered his client to stop walking in the middle of the street in sports Padres lost six to four to the Mets it's partly, cloudy and seventy one degrees. AM seven sixty k. FM talk and breaking news CBS news update a. Group of eleven conservative House Republicans pushing for the impeachment of deputy attorney general, rod Rosenstein accusing him of high crimes and misdemeanors or failing to produce documents requested by house committees related, to the Muller Russia, and Clinton Email investigations CBS's. Ed O'Keefe a lot of the people who are, pushing the. Articles Impeachment, are some of. The president's biggest vocal supporters on Capitol Hill who you recent hearings with that FBI agent who had been dismissed for an appropriately texting was. One of those under links to essentially pack the FBI and Rosenstein of trying to discredit. Young going special counsel investigate Democrats say it's nothing. More than a political stunt CBS news political. Consultant Leonard Steinhorn there is virtually no chance that Rosenstein, will be impeached and if somehow he is on an pure party line vote in the house he, would never be..

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