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I do anybody involved in any taxing jurisdiction not participate in the deal with Gerry world, but the got the tax the taxpayers gave away the taxpayers gave away seven hundred million dollars. They gave away seven hundred million dollars for the billionaire or not. Hold on. Do you have just said the tax payers four seven hundred million dollars. Who got cut out of problem that matter to you get out of it? Well, the tax payer lost out seven hundred million dollars to a guy six. Well, and good. It's the same pack is tacking. Thanking the city of Austin. It's attacking the city of Austin city council, Ray or attack. Don, Don, Don, why are you trying so hard to put blinders on why I got no blinders on I see it perfectly. Clearly, I think you've got blinders on you should take them off for a minute. Look at the reality of the thing. And what's reality? No, no, don't do that. Don't do it again on stop dawn. I got dawn I got it. What should happen? What should happen? And tell me you're not in favor of this for the same arguments. You're making about the Austin council of which I have no problem with. I do not believe never have as long as I've done this show. I've said do not cut anybody any deal whatsoever. Ever the same standards should apply to the corporate welfare that his practice. Elsewhere. Do you agree? Don, do you agree with that that no problem with corporate welfare as long? On no problem, but you have problem with the corporate welfare here. Wonder hypocrites? Corporate welfare score. Oh my gosh. At least you've made it. Exactly what's going on at the capitol. Nobody cares about the corporate welfare except this one Jeff Ward and Ed Clements. Afternoons three to seven on NewsRadio KLBJ five ninety AM and ninety nine point seven FM. Any problems whatsoever with IT issues wasting time and money or employee's time and money with IT issues..

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