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Studio gave Mullane, senior editor. Thanks, michael. Thank you. Have you and also with us is a music editor Nacion of Scalia grain morning to you and Pandora's harsh, also, those tennis columnists and host of right now is there that's an art segment that airs Sunday mornings on K CUNY radio. Good morning, having me. Glad to have all of you, welcome to all of you. And unless you're going to begin with you begin by talking about the. Fact that a lot of corporate ownership has taken over and many people's minds. But we've also got a lot of small homegrown festivals. I wanna talk about some of them with you, one we'll start off with vectors Cronos festival is going to be happening, and let's talk about actually what they're doing. Premier new composition affect. Yeah. They're actually preparing three new compositions. I'm so starts tonight at a soft jazz. It goes through Saturday and what I really love about kernels. Quartet is they kind of have this philosophy of classical music about something for the people by the people. So they have this initiative called fifty for the future, where their commissioning fifty new works from different composers from all over the world, people who don't traditionally here in classic music spaces. So they're premiering a new piece by Hala cafe Mattia, who's from the Mauleon group DeKalb, and then. They also have a new piece from Stanford professor Mark Applebaum, who's really whimsical composer, who uses a lot of found objects, non instruments, even has a piece for three conductors and no musicians. And then there's also a new piece by MRI Mazzola. Who is this of, really exciting incoming composer in the classical world? And she is actually the composer in residence at the at the Chicago symphony. And there's a lot of other stuff too. There's a tribute to Seger tribute to Howard's, the author of people's history of the United States, connect agenda, music. Yeah. So they have this part of the evening, where Curtis is going to be playing, and then people like Rebecca Solnit the cultural critic, and then also mcleay THEO jazz musician. They're going to be reading from Howard zinn people's history. And also text from our Luther King junior and other revolution. As basically celebrating like the dissenters and activists and people like that, who shaped American history was, you said, kicks off today through Saturday jazz center, and here's a singer from trio, the Cali, which premieres, one of these new compositions that you talked about the song is called. I. We're talking about a trend. That is local and homegrown with Ted. And there are other groups fall into that same category..

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