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Shark in the discovery channels shark week special phelps verses shark great gold verses great white shark was a computer semi related fish based on data on the swimming speed of sharks phelps was outfitted with a wetsuit and amano fend mimic sharks powerful tale he finished the one hundred meter race in thirty eight seconds two seconds slower than shown to see that saw daubing dial of generate spain fans who waited in watch were disappointed many fell duped one per in writing i just watched in our of a stupid show to see michael phelps race a fake shark fox's michelle pollino this fuss his finn on a hit single amiss with the producers venezuelan president nick weather on news radio six said zhao errs wrapping up this evening some patchy fog out there overnight temperatures drop being back into the 50s slow climb back through the '60s on your tuesday with plenty of clouds around and a couple of hit or miss showers but ought drier of a day than what we have seen play out today from their we're going to be looking at some sunshine around on wednesday with temperatures either side of eighty and eventually we should be in the lower 80s on thursday with partly sunny skies other cold front approach gene with a chance of a couple of late day storms thursday afternoon froze for watched nine weather center i'm meteorologist kevin scott roopa living near the water is a dream come true for many except when there's flooding or hurricane vessel people who live near lakes and rivers by the oath in vayssade are working with their local planners to make sure the protection from all sorts of natural disasters is part of the planning process learn more at planning dot org that's planning the work our sister this is news radio six ten on iheartradio and this is ground zero.

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