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I think they've had. They're having more employees coming back to work starting today as well so I know they were having some conversations about getting the casino open sooner rather than later with the state I think that also got postponed a little bit because of the spike in in cases that I mentioned so I again you know I. They gave me permission to come back to the racist starting last weekend I decided to just wait. And but with a race like this today I I gotta go over there. So and I'm looking forward to a lot of guys I haven't seen. I haven't seen anybody in my buddies and the press office three months so. Little reunion of sorts. Crazy back to a couple of these runners and Ralph Knicks. And Chivalry is the least appreciated Derby contender that is placed in. Either one or placed in five or six straight races He gets no attention zero. Yeah, I think it was a lot of skepticism, and that's why he was eighty one in the Florida. Ability to to turn. It was one previous turn. Raise the in reality He didn't really get his trip I. Mean You really you know? Jockey took him back off the pace where he didn't really want to be going through turns this source route still a little bit, not sure what is best game is, but he does heal, and rightly so I think that a one turn mile fit them to not whether he's alternately. Going to be a a true Derby Mile and a quarter horse I. You know I think schooling school is really out on that, but that being said he's got forty Derby points. He's pretty firmly in. That picture might need to pick up a few more along the way This is a prep. For something. Up Derby. Points down the road he's matching the Haskell in the Bluegrass so good effort today you know would put him in that direction poorer effort today, and you know maybe starts looking at you. Know something like You know the to group. Degrade One Three role sprints of up at Saratoga, later on keeping the saw that a sprinter at most a one turn mile, but you know just not class alone, i. I got a feeling. He's GonNa. Fit Right in here today if he doesn't get into some suicidal speed duel with that the Indian interesting to see how the protract plays to. I thought all weekend long. Long the rail was no good the further out you better, but we weren't coming off a lot of rain and drying out. Racetrack was quite as bad on Sunday, The track was pretty quick for for work morning. So I'm guessing it'll be a fair track today but it's something to keep an eye on the other speed is doing usually the speed is. Pretty. Excuse me pretty good around here. We all know that, but it wasn't over the weekend. anyone keeping trip notes from it'll specially last Friday and Saturday. You know better. Keep a note on horses around leading and down near the inside and ran poorly when they come back next time. Mike a couple of. Questions also about horses, in addition to the being cone pair at the end of a lot today chivalry is well and actually with Verve, Jesus team and Hard lightning are are actually all kind of. Useful looking horses New York traffic hasn't worked. In three weeks. What we know about I think I wrote a little note about that. After the Arkansas rates he was in Arkansas right. Yeah, didn't you? Know Rivera remind me see. REVER! He ran before that. The Matt Win. When he was out of town knew it, wasn't. Arkansas, he, he had to go in quarantine for two weeks to come back here, so he went out pal kind of laid low for awhile. He's back here now. sappy nothing picked out for him, but he'll probably get back on the work. Tab I'm going to guess not this weekend, but next weekend, but that's the reason nothing nothing wrong with them. According to Saffy just They gave him a little chance to wind down because he had to callard quarantine anyway after their that went. All right so he he should get back to work. Does does Joseph have a a plant. He did not at this moment, said what? Had next picked out. Thinking wants the way to see how. You know comes back and wary as long. How far logging is in his training? He is thinking of sending some horses, the Saratoga for summer so possibility he could be in that group He's also taking I think somewhere up to sixty or seventy stalls palmettos here for the summer. So saffy is really increased his numbers as far as stable go, so that's GonNa. Be Interesting to know I'm not going to be over the summer, but I wouldn't be able to see you know a lot of his horses train, which is a shame because it's. It's kind of fun to watch is is good? Horses go, but That's what I understand. He's keeping about seventy. Up upon matters at least until he may be ships out to Saratoga, but all these plans are still a little bit up in the air as far zachos right now, math wizard has been training well There is A. Overnight stake in the book the Saturday whether he goes in there, and whether it fills another story. I saw the other a Mike as well that Todd pletcher finally ran the last of his sources last week at Gulfstream and his barn with now that the Oklahoma is open He's packed up out of Palm Beach downs. Not entirely true. He's out at Palm Beach Down, but he sent fifty horses to Gulfstreak and he's got. On Friday I I I I I have a call in to them now really right that story and see what he's doing, but. My guess is just and it's just gets these horses. He's sending. Here are the ones that.

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