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Despite what you've heard chicago isn't as dangerous as it's made out to me that being said i do on occasion hear gunshots when i do i open my police scanner apt to figure out what's going on that may be shortlived i am and you should be outraged at this idea that's being kicked around next on dan's life find out more about dan's life on facebook search at frenchandfriends that's at french and friends the knoxville tennessee police department says that they will encrypt their police radio communications starting in august that means the public won't be able to listen in on what is going down the police say that the public often watchdog groups as well as the media are interfering with police operations which can endanger their officers they cite the increased prevalence of apps hosting police transmissions bad guys could use them you see to monitor police thus helping the bad guys avoid the good guys and never get captured that's balderdash bad guys van access to scanners for years and there are few in number that actually utilize them welcome back and now here's some more fun conventional wisdom to set you free from the man on a mission to retire america one person at a time donald trump sleep back to dell watson radio show with me here today scott ban austin just back from vacation.

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