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Here's something we think you'll find interesting if you're enjoying this episode of cults you should check out paramount networks six part mini series waco the takes a deeper look into the tragic event in 1993 that leftover seventy branch davidians including twenty five children dead in our two part series on the branch davidians we discussed the deadly confrontation between the us government at the branch davidians waco explores both sides of the complex standoff and the events that ultimately led to the tragic and controversial end of the branch davidians the show examines themes of religious freedom second amendment rights militarization of police and government infringing upon individual liberties issues that are still at the heart of society today the show includes a starstudded cast featuring academy award nominee michael shannon golden globenominee john leguizamo and taylor kitsch who stars as david koresh delve deeper into the untold story three of waco on the twentyfifth anniversary of the now infamous siege waco premiers wednesday january 24th on paramount network now let's get back to the story it 1983 lowest roden allowed vernon wayne hall to begin preaching to the group it was a skill he started honing a way back when he was a youngster at school and he gotten really good at it vernons tremendous capacity to speak extemporaneously from and about the bible deeply impressed other branch dividians as historian molly mcgarry points out other branch davidians new vernon only had a ninth grade education they saw this uneducated man's ability to recite from and speak about the bible for hours on end as a sign that he was truly moved by the holy spirit to speak as vernon gained their attention he began working to wrest power away from lois he turned away from the idea of the feminine holy spirit he went so far as to burn down the group's publishing building in 1983 so lois his message could no longer be published and spread in 1984 vernon effectively a.

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