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And just because I want to add one more point on this. Sorry. is the fact that we heard from territories heard Salute Weather Mariana. Islands. American Samoa WOM WORTH RICO in Spanish. We heard from these people and when they talk they talk about how they actually don't have rights to vote for. President. Often, and that's why you should vote and I think seeing their culture being represented on the screen plus those words of Those territories almost never get represented in our politics on the congressional level and on public media. So for them to have their shining crowning moment is so incredibly important. Yeah, I also found it very meaningful that. The late Matthew Shepard's parents represented their state He was one of the first killed during a anti gay hate grime right and then Fred Gutenberg who's the father of one of the teenagers that was killed in the Florida school shooting So I felt like that was significant in even who is chosen. Bright Yeah, you know I mean strategic yeah. It was chosen and another. One Anchalee being able to see. Go ahead. Good. Sorry going well, what I'm what I'm thinking is from what I'm reading in my own response as well as my wife's I'm much older than you. I've seen many roll calls. And so I know what it was and I think going forward assuming that we get on top of this virus and we're able to hold another convention in four years I am hearing from a lot of pundits and just regular people that that was the best roll-call ever and they don't WanNa go back to the old way. Right, I think there's In Times of crisis everybody has to reevaluate their priorities and the way they do things and I think the Democratic Party was forced to reevaluate what it means to represent minorities and people and I think this roll call was. A huge. Step in the right direction. And I see the similarly to with like you know late like late night comedy they don't have audience anymore. So their jokes are much more serious than they hit much harder so you are really listening and I do miss gatherings I do miss being in crowds, but on the other hand I I do think that the DNC moving forward might reconsider how they do their convention even in person for years later because this was the most again most financially accessible and had a lot of representation. I will say the main critique though for a lot of the delegates was since everything's a Webinar, you really don't have a back and forth you you attend in a real convention you would attend the caucus like have some photos report building. But in a virtual convention, you are a passive like Youtube Video Webinar Zoom Webinar viewer. So, that was a little challenging. There were some chatterboxes apparently but most of the time it was very passive. Yeah. I think. Building on your. fact, that many of this of all the speakers didn't have an audience except maybe a cameraman sound person. I think it changed the nature of the speeches in it for the better. I think and I was listening to some of my favorite podcasts and some of these people are professional speechwriters for a lot of the previous candidates in previous elections and they were already. They were going doing their podcast before the DNC actually started this past Monday. But what they predicted was absolutely true that the speech writers and and the people giving the speech itself they actually contributed like didn't write in applause lines. that. That's classic like I knew Jack Kennedy. Believe me you're no Jack. Kennedy. And so it was much more conversational and and I think that was more powerful. You could relate to it. The speeches took much shorter time because there wasn't all this applause right and so I think that. That was much more impactful, right? And and I think the other thing talking about speeches there are a lot more regular Americans. Including last night the thirteen year old boy who had the stuttering problem. I mean, he just knocked it out of the park I mean he would probably never be allowed or invited to speak at a convention. So you know my hats are off to the people who produce this because yeah you know it had glitches. It wasn't perfect but they had to kind of really shift paradigms right Helen. I mean this is like we're not just doing the convention in Zoom like we we have to think out of the box like. What what? What are the ways that we need to really change the content and who gets to talk even the in the end? Were they Biden and his wife and Harrison her husband got they came out to the parking lot and there's fireworks going on and people are flashing hazard lights on their cars I. mean that was meaningful to someone had to think of that. And so are you cut out a little bit? Can You repeat the question? Yeah. Want saying that the fact that they had to think completely differently like this was not just doing the typical convention but on Zoom. and. My Hat's. Off To them because I think they pulled off an amazing job. Right. Right. I think something to consider also. I usually at conventions they have like they're like. Keynote like up and coming. Person of Party speak right like Barack Obama was prison two, thousand four. This, time they had like sixteen seventeen people speak. And I think that in you know they were people who are from local legislatures like I really think that they're trying to think about ballot races and how to win because they spread the spotlight so many people. And you know being DNC delegate we have these things, police breakfasts. So our delegation, every morning, I would be my evening, but it would be their morning in the US t we would have zoom call with some cool speakers. Into have chats.

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