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Was with their hands and discount the more you buy the more you save go to dollarshaveclub dot com slash dan special offer itself scott gonna be so so tragic when billy drowns in his own back of water during the hurricane i sound in the club me and surrender ten sacks dolphins against revolt is revolt revolt a six and a half point favorite eighty seven percent of the audience said yes tell them scott yup and tell them tell him yup have any of the teams at cincinnati but any goods if the big red machine eighty five percent of the audience that now ida crush on betty rubble so many people writing in about the chris sabo reds and we forgot about the red eye <hes> they did win a world series. We're not the only one eighty five percent of the audience that now are you surprised that tim kirch and just described himself outfits that swarthy mediterranean look. I'm a sixty seven percent of the audience that yes there's the pro hoops sandwich which may not have been the lakers top choice but he was certainly number. Two does to storm something come from storming a castle or an approaching store. I bet billy as a sprinkler of course no who is it off camera ch- chester's eighty the eight percent of the audience that gas congratulations jay girl. 'cause you're fly girl. You're still apply girl periwinkle the blue plate. You've heard that of course mike ryan is brad pitt in the movie cherry michael blue cast menas dog because it's one of the dumbest animals ever seen. Thanks for having me have a great day yet. It's i mean who else in the club. Honestly the those are seconds of my life. I would never get back boylston. Send a plumber. I <hes> fist pumped in a bar on the donald duck club. I wish i had some breakfast blonde biz bond at a breakfast like bats. I has contaminated everything. We've done this week friend of mine <hes> mother of minneapolis. I'm a name earnings mimi. She always hasn't had those whenever she gives a tad. There was like that when i got you so marshall usually told ricky kato did touchdown passes. Evan johnson put up two hundred seventy two yards. That's marshall record nothing to sneeze at yeah. Well lou goodbye..

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