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Disney, Florida, Walt discussed on The Cruise Dudes Podcast


For less travel agents e erica welcome to the show. Thank thank you tommy. Thank you scott. I hope to be able to help you through this scott so you will understand things a little bit better her. Thank you thank you. Maybe i'm gonna. I'm gonna have to use you so i could go down to wait. Where am i going florida florida the walt disney world. I'm sorry right right. What a bit different than disneyland exactly so scott talked about disneyland is not just to clarify everything. Disneyland is in the disneyland resort is in california. The walt disney world resort is in florida. We're gonna be talking about the walt. Disney world in florida and disney cruise line's out of poor canaveral today and so i brought erica onto the show because eric is a friend the mine and i met her we met about what i would say about two and a half years ago i believe we over you invited us <hes> with is our friends sam ashley and michelle and tom from <hes> from the ear vendors podcast and we had such a great time we were over bay lake tower <hes> next to the contemporary resort and we saw the happily ever after fireworks show from up there we add. We had a private party to we get nice out on the balcony. We had so we nobody would elbowing join us or anything yet. Easing amazing experience thanks to erica and her husband greg and just that just started off an amazing relationship jason ship right there and to share about disney share about different things and i just got back a a couple weeks ago from the walt disney world resort and i was in florida and i was thinking to myself right. You're thinking yes. I was thinking you had a positive way. No still think he's still thinking you know what i wanna. Do do it. A special show on our on our podcast that is a travel challenge and i guess there are people that want to go to a walt disney world vacation and they want to do a walt disney. They wanted to do a walt disney. They went to disney cruise this and how do they put it all together because the walt disney world resort is forty three square miles of disney magic and the disney cruise line has four different ships right now and they go all over the world and how do you put this all together together. Is there a way to do. This is their way to put together a vacation a at disney walt disney world and a disney cruise line and dan. Can you do this for family of four for under ten thousand dollars away so you just like.

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Disney, Florida, Walt discussed on The Cruise Dudes Podcast

The Cruise Dudes Podcast 9 months ago

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