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One a text club they said I felt melancholy after de cluttering I couldn't part with so many things fixtures of my life I cleaned scrubbed white swept but in these times of uncertainty the familiar the old felt like security yeah I think quarantine has a very weird relationship with minimalism because suddenly after you've cleaned out our houses and there may be living and slightly emptier spaces we do depend on them for more like this this different family purposes so in in moments of difficulty like minimalism can can be a shock or can can feel like maybe a betrayal of yourself that you got rid of all these things that mean something to row we've heard several definitions of what minimalism is so far tell us what is minimalism to you yeah my favorite definition there's kind of two one comes from my best friend Aaron Johnson he says you have to travel light pack light to travel far and my own personally comes from to me a Sasaki is book goodbye things which is the way that I summarized it which is that it's the practice of finding what's most meaningful to you and making that your life and to me as a person of color in from marginalized community that's a radical notion and I want to speak to this part the big criticism about minute minimalism especially and persecuted communities and communities that are fleeing Kyle refers to aerial burns dean's work in the Atlantic which is so great which is Marie Kondo and the privilege as clutter is that her parents were refugees from Cuba and so some family members didn't make it and so her family members began to really connect and holding grasp and so I think this is so important to us because what we're understanding about Ariel's and ours many listeners out there if that were really describing here is much more than attachment we're describing trauma the show hoarders in my opinion is not some escapade or you feel superior because you never let your dining room get that bad it's about what happens when something jarring happens in our lives and we have the inability to let our despair out to the very human question I ask myself can consider about family members with hoarding tendencies in my own life and others is what is terrorized SO in for terrorize communities differ honest the time line it's been so long in the instance incidences are too much to count and those of us who are confined in quarantine right now rattling with these environments around us that are either too much or either too sparse it's really coming home for us and so for me as a woman of color I don't keep what's meaning for my life because I'm an acting a tedious piece a performance artist healthy taken sharply in accurately described in her article about the lifestyle but I keep my beautiful humble and limited things because it's the kind of thing I can do for myself because I have a shopping addiction because I have a tendency to hoard from childhood because hard things Austin overtake me and we are in a pandemic so pairing down what matters to me is how I take care of myself in a world that expects me to run myself down into B. run down especially because of my economic situation especially because of how stressed I am and as a child from a line of forced immigrants I will choose it will not be chosen for me anymore and we're gonna talk a lot more about that bro thanks for sharing that perspective I'm wondering you know what your responses to people who feel like the KonMari decluttering prescription is just too simple two simple can you see anything remember that you know or even you just the you know the facade the philosophy that you know if you clean your house you too can be happy can you maybe comment on that what's your response to yeah well sourced and it's a simplified I think it's a simplified understanding of the method Marie Kondo says that trading is just a tool not the not the final destination so it's really the process as a result and so I mean I'm loving what Kyle same living with rose same because it's it's ultimately that's what Kamari is all about as well I think the confusion comes from how she personally represents herself as a as an individual and as a brand and what's expected of of the rest of us but the simplicity is what makes it easy to start so I was actually on the today show twelve years ago for being messy I've been someone who loves you know shops a lot as well and and have paid off debts and and okay killed some of those things as well according to messy person yeah I am I am so so it's it's a very it's an overwhelming thing to address anything any journey of life transformation is going to require a lot of effort and so when you can have a simple question does this spark joy it gives people a starting place which is what's needed at that point when you're recovering from grief you're recovering from trauma and it's it's a gateway it's an easy access point to doing some of that difficult emotional work I'm so thrilled that that road brought up trauma right I just finished reading the the body keeps the score and what's talked about in that book really to me underlies why the KonMari process is so powerful as a as a healing tool now we're talking about America's obsession with decluttering but there are some who love a bit of a mess my name is Eric I'm from Tucson Arizona when my daughter was in junior high she called a TV station to come clean the house but they refused because a social thing has now decided to turn the house into an obstacle course for a TV show but best of all it's my security system because if the safe confines that you're looking for they can do better than I can so keep that message and keep it safe thanks for leaving us that message Eric now we'll have more from our guests and from you in just a moment stay with us this is one eight from W. M. U. and NPR I'm David stern's marketing director at Alterra solar well there is been an underwriter case you for many years altera supports K. zero because it helps us reach an informed and engaged demographic but also because it is more important than ever.

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