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Prices in buffalo grove, the shell station at Arlington heights road and mckenry road something for two sixty five and in Lombard the speedway at north avenue and swift selling it for two seventy four. If you see a lower gasoline price, please give us a call three one two four zero nine gas. That's G. A S, S, WBZ news, time, six thirty eight traffic and weather together on the eighths. Here's John Sentras. Dave Rhodes, again, slows people head out to their Saturday night, distractions. There are no delays on the Edens on the outbound side. Inbound slow from Dempster two to twenty three minutes now lake cook to the Kennedy junction. Kennedy slow both ways out on sixty minutes downtown to Montrose, thirty six to O'Hare on the inbound side. Thirty seven minutes so here to downtown seventeen from the junction express lanes are at fourteen minutes from the Edens to the Ohio. Feeder ramp outbound on the twenty minutes downtown to Mannheim thirty three minutes to three ninety on the inbound side. Thirty six minutes three ninety two downtown twenty three minutes from Mannheim. Stevenson looking good on the outbound side. Inbound, slow thirty-five minutes three, fifty five to lakeshore drive twenty-five from the tri-state, twelve from Cicero I fifty five is clear, low slow on the inbound Ryan twenty one minutes, ninety fifth to downtown up outside looking good. No delays on I fifty seven Bishop. Ford's slow both ways out in an imbalance of Saint travel time eighteen minutes either way between the Ryan in eighty ninety four southbound on lakeshore drive heavy from north avenue, Chicago avenue, northbound jammed between navy pier to Chicago avenue. The Illinois tollways right now the slow spot is eastbound on, I eighty slow pestle means wrote to before our lem reports of a crash, there have been cleared, but which still seeing the congestion on the eastbound side of I eighty northwest Indiana. The toll road slow both ways. Westbound from Kelley, Matt avenue to the West Point toll plaza eastbound from the skyway to the West Point toll plaza, otherwise things are looking good on our local roads and the blue line right now, bit slow because of no trains running between Jefferson park in Harlem due to maintenance, work going on until four PM Monday, but you'd get shuttle buses between those rail stations. Get traffic and weather together on the it's every ten minutes on these radio seven hundred and one zero five point nine FM, BBN AccuWeather, we'll have mainly cloudy skies tonight with some showers around, especially off to the.

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