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A second order involves replacing the nation's system to process asylum cases. Ah, third calls for a review of the legal immigration system. Including the public charge rule that made it harder for immigrants to get permanent residents or green cards if they were likely to require public benefits. Franco or Dona as NPR news was in a bind, joined Senate Democrats for virtual lunch today to further outline details of his proposed $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief measure. President, joined by Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, who along with the White House has said the concern is not providing too much shade to the corner virus ravaged economy. But rather too little. Both Biden and yelling of all swords, lawmakers take bold actions to address the pandemic and the virus. Senate Democrats then use their slim majority to vote 50 to 49 move ahead with or without Republican votes by met with GOP senators yesterday discussed there slim down $618 billion proposal, saying he is unwilling to settle on too small of an aid package. By the administration is releasing more than a billion dollars installed disaster aid for Puerto Rico. NPR's Adrian Florido reports as part of an effort to ease restrictions the Trump administration had put on funding for the island's recovery from Hurricane Maria. $1.3 billion will pay for projects to strengthen Puerto Rico's infrastructure against future natural disasters. The money was approved two years ago is part of a $20 billion package for the U. S territory from the Department of Housing and Urban Development. But the Trump administration set strict rules before the island could get that money stricter than for states like Texas and Florida. Recovering from similar disasters. Officials said they were concerned about corruption and inefficient spending. But many on the island believe racism was a factor. The Biden administration said its decision to release the money is part of the new president's commitment to equity in government. Adrian Florido NPR News The second full flight test of Space axis Starship Rocket is ended pretty much like the first one with another fiery crash. On. Most company launched the prototype rocket from the company's facility in southeastern taxes flew to a height of more than six miles, but it never strained out upon returning to earth and slammed into the ground. Space Sex is developing starship for a future mission to Mars. Wall Street. The Dow was up strongly. This is NPR lie from KQED News. I'm terrorist. Siler State Assembly member Mark Levin is calling for the removal of the federal receiver in charge of health care in state prisons. This comes after an inspector general report found the state's decision to transfer dozens of inmates into San Quentin at the onset of the pandemic led to a massive outbreak at the prison. Veen says court appointed receiver Clark Kelso and his team knew or should have known that some of those men may have already been infected with covert 19. They, in fact, pushed forward with the transfer, knowing that the data they had was flawed and probably faulty. Prison officials have reported that 28 men at San Quentin and one employees have died from the virus. The Oakland City Council has passed an emergency ordinance that will give grocery store workers an additional $5 per hour as temporary pandemic hazard pay. Thea Ordinance on Lee applies to larger grocery stores and retailers such as Target. An estimated 2000 workers would be covered. Councilman member Nikki Fortunato Bass authored the legislation. Her chief of staff, me a psycho, Chin explained how it works. If a large grocery employer is already paying hazard pay this emergency ordinance gives them credit for doing the right thing. It allows employers already offering hazard pay to use that amount as credit towards reaching the $5 per hour bonus cities across the state have passed or are considering similar measures. One in Long Beach is being.

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