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Officials say they will restrict entry for immigrants from Kerr's expand Myanmar Eritrea Nigeria Sudan and Tanzania this is not a total travel ban similar to the president's earlier order that angered Muslims the trump administration saying those countries don't need security standards it is part of the president's push to further restrict legal immigration I want to illustrate a point based upon some horse crap narratives that are occasionally advance some along the lines of what you might have just heard that angered Muslims say it's an ubiquitously true that the restrictions that president trump offered up that world to get in the courts they were found to be constitutional by the way is that you pick what is a true that it angered Muslims yet it's advances that that's factoring just as we were conditioned through our news media that any time you had the president talking about the wall talking about you know making sure that we have legal immigration systems in this country and we are keeping those who are seeking to abuse our system from doing so this somehow or another that was the anti a Hispanic position when in fact we found out point right here in Florida sixty four percent of the legal legal immigrants I agree with the president's policy two sides the stories one set of facts in on this particular note we got a crackdown underway against sanctuary cities sanctuary governments across our state announced this week by the Attorney General bill Barr on back of president trump's call for additional action to be taken back presents meeting with a governor Cuomo New York today here to talk about our immigration policy is an expert and also the author of the upcoming book pro American immigration common ground in our immigration strategy doctor fraud and thank you so much George for taking the time with us tell us a little bit about your thoughts regarding the administration's policy against century status and perhaps even some of what we're seeing play out right now thanks for having me Brian you know I agree with what you're saying the the sanctuary cities issue is a serious issue between the local government and the federal government and what we're seeing play out is shelters to illegal immigrants who are already arrested for other crimes this is not about people who are there will be a productive members of society they're allowing criminals to escape federal law enforcement and what's really brought this to the fore has been the alleged rape and murder of a ninety two year old woman by illegal immigrants in New York and I say alleged because he he pleaded not guilty yesterday is it is about racing and what's even more outrageous yeah isn't it just amazing what what you just said there hello abused our system as you had somebody who was already lacking legal status in this country known to the criminal justice system in New York ice issued a detainer request the neat New York City because of New York City sanctuary policy said no we're not going to comply with it so they released the guy who is already in the criminal justice system who was here illegally in the first place and then he goes out he kills a ninety two year old woman after raping hit her and he still is getting to make use of our legal system isn't that in and of itself an illustration of how absurd the situation's become it is it is absolutely outrageous and I should say that in addition to my being a former US demo diplomatic and consular officer I am also an immigrant to America I immigrated years ago with my family and as an immigrant myself I find it outrageous that this would be the policy of our local governments how much policy do you think that's been crafted at local government levels of state government levels sometimes by those in Congress that are advocating for a bit essentially open borders policies how much of this do you think is actually advanced by the news media versus what most people really want in their communities well look I think that there has been progress made through this administration on immigration let me give you one example the public chargeable to public charge will that's going to come into effect on February twenty fourth the news media has been pushing that this is you know a weapon used by the administration that they're breaking apart families went in in in fact what's happening is that the administration is putting in rule that support laws that already exists and this is important we need consistent rules that consistently uphold our loss when you take a look at what we're doing at the southern border for all of your expert point of view do you think it's an effective strategy the southern border is certainly a tough situation and I have a lot of respect for the men and women who are doing a very difficult job in doing it honorably I think that the that the rate that that the approach has been effective and we see it on the numbers there's been a decrease in illegal crossings we also see it in the relationship the folks that I'm that I spoke with tell me that the relationship between the US and their Mexican counterparts across the border as as as really taken in stride the Mexican government is helping with the illegal crossings and they're really doing their part now or or at least starting to do their part to help us in that in that area we're speaking with doctor George frog his website George rock dot com and you mentioned you know the effectiveness of the policy what we are still seeing elevated levels we have seen many activist groups trying to demoralize the detention facilities cell as well in fact the homes that this building in particular so politicized that it actually was shut down well what is the truth versus reality of the way that people are being processed in our system well let me give you an example just last week there was a report that I use is now fingerprinting immigrants as young as fourteen years old in these facilities my initial reaction when I saw this report was that it's about time this practice of fingerprinting immigrants has been happening at our embassies abroad for decades it happens from indices from Argentina to Austria it's a face the staff efficient and respectful way to keep track of who's coming into the United States and I thought it makes sense to do this and the same thing for immigrant kids that are ready in America but common sense that seems to be strangled these days a representative to Laura out of Connecticut wants to use the resources that she has available as the chair of the house appropriations subcommittee to basically make sure that this policy is overturned and I take issue with that the resources that she's talking about our our taxpaying dollars and quite frankly I don't want my tax paying dollars to go to overturn a policy you being used for kids in the immigrant kids in America that's already been used for years for immigrant kids abroad yeah no question it's a good conversation thank you for the information and the insights and I will check back with you once once we get a little bit closer to your broker a book release as well that is doctor George frog his upcoming book is pro American immigration common ground in our immigration strategy and we'll be right back of bright light show newsradio six ten WIOD police activity eastbound often before ninety five it's looking a right lane and got things jammed up from twenty Seventh Avenue this report is brought to you by sleep number earlier press no clear Julia total eastbound before all of those delays back to this.

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