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Evans book about Polera. It's called the mastermind. There's so much more absurd detail and craziness in that book than we could cover here. Go check it out. Bio said by me PJ vote out Tolman Spicer him in any fee, abandon Demi Moore, Keti Anatoly and Jessica young edited by Tim Howard. We're mixed by Kwon backing by Michelle Harris, intern is Christina. I l just by mysterious brake master cylinder. Our attic by buildings. Matt lever is a Sunday at the farmer's market. You listen to the show on I tunes Spotify wherever you get your podcasts. Thanks for listening. We'll see in two weeks. Good. Welcome to crime town. We're halfway through season two in Detroit. And we're telling the story of Kwami Kilpatrick the next day, I told her by mayor and from that day forward. My life has been going hundred miles an hour the youngest man in history to serve as mayor betray. Choi graphic sex greed love scandal. Do crime town season two exclusively on Spotify. Subscribe for free at Spotify dot com slash crime town. Thanks to our sponsor, squarespace squarespace, easy. To turn your great idea into website. Save ten percent on your I have a domain website going to squarespacEcom and using the offer code reply that squarespacEcom offer code reply to save ten percent. Thanks sponsor ZipRecruiter. Hiring can be hard. But there's a place that makes it simple, fast and smart, ZipRecruiter dot com Sasha pie ZipRecruiter's technology identifies people with experience invite them to your job and spotlights the top candidates. So you never miss it. Great match. Try for free today at ZipRecruiter dot com slash reply. That's ZipRecruiter dot com slash reply. Ziprecruiter, the smartest way to hire.

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