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Abc entertainment news here's christopher watson congratulations dilemma slater and sasha farber the dancing with the stars pros and now husband and wife saying i do over the weekend after getting engaged on the dance competition show last year they're not the first fellow dancing with the stars pros to tie the knot maximum jamir kofsky and peter murgatroyd went last year right now there's a lot at stake for me personally former dance moms star abby lee miller is out of prison but she's not a free woman yet she'll spend some time in a halfway house i miller was sentenced last may two a year at a day in prison after pleading guilty to bankruptcy fraud and began serving her time last july ricky skaggs is in the country music hall of fame the bluegrass legend one of three inductees announced tuesday late singer dottie west and influential fiddle player johnny gambler the other two happy birthday stacy ferguson we know are better as fergie fortythree tuesday i'm christopher watson the biggest unsolved mystery right now who bit beyond say abc's jason nathanson takes a look after actress and comedian tiffany haddish revealed in a g q interview that an unnamed actress bit beyond saying an after partying december fans have been on a hunt to find out hashtag who bit beyond say one being thrown around after son olathe who tweeted under no circumstances did i bite beyond saying if i did it would have been a love by actress sarah foster is also been mentioned as a possible biter she writes on instagram quote i wish i could get close enough to be on biter prissy teagan claims she knows the biters identity but won't spill and singer fergie it's birthday and she writes on twitter that all she wants to know who's teeth chump beyonce's space jason nathanson abc news hollywood komo news and hot clicks from komonews dot com producer teresa watt is here hi teresa top stories at komo news dot com.

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